Airush have focused on developing a range of equipment that 
appeals to your unique requirements and gives you the tools to
take your kiting to new levels.

The Airush approach is to use diverse configurations that best 
suits the individual rider thus avoiding any single mindset that
might blind us.

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  • Airush High Volume Pump

    Airush High Volume Pump

    Your Price: £34.95
  • SALE
    Airush Access Control Bar

    Airush Access Control Bar

    Regular Price: £409.00 - £409.00


    Save Over: 15%!

  • Airush Ultra Control Bar

    Airush Ultra Control Bar

    Your Price: £399.00
  • Airush Ride Control Bar

    Airush Ride Control Bar

    Your Price: £395.00
  • SALE
    Airush Team Waist Harness - Black

    Airush Team Waist Harness

    Regular Price: £149.00 - £149.00


    Save Over: 40%!

  • Airush Ultra V4 - Teal / Red

    Airush Ultra V4

    Your Price: £869.00
  • Airush Foil Board Bag

    Airush Foil Travel Bag

    Your Price: £74.99
  • Airush One

    Airush One

    Your Price: £575.00
  • NEW
    Airush Session V2

    Airush Session V2

    Your Price: £879.00
  • Airush Lift V3 - Orange

    Airush Lift V3

    Your Price: £1,199.00
  • Airush Lithium V13 - Teal / Red

    Airush Lithium V13

    Your Price: £1,045.00
  • Airush Progression Foil Board

    Airush Progression Foil Board

    Your Price: £779.00
  • Airush Union V6 - Teal / Slate

    Airush Union V6

    Your Price: £1,099.00
  • Airush Foil Skate V3

    Airush Foil Skate V3

    Your Price: £575.00
  • Airush Razor V10

    Airush Razor V10

    Your Price: £1,249.00
  • Airush Mini Monster Convert

    Airush Mini Monster Convert

    Your Price: £965.00
  • Airush AK Phazer V3

    Airush AK Phazer V3

    Your Price: £1,145.00
  • Airush Freeride Foil

    Airush Core Freeride Foil

    Your Price: £999.00
  • Airush Trek Foil

    AK Trek Foil

    Your Price: £949.00
  • Airush Core Carving Foil

    Airush Core Carving Foil

    Your Price: £875.00
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