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F-One Escape Foil

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FCD System:
The main benefit of the system lies in the main screw that maintains the front wing with the rest of the foil. This screw is placed longitudinally and is therefore only stressed in tension instead of shear or bending. The whole foil can be tightened up with everything working in a sound mechanical way.

To gain some precision, robustness and packed-up volume, the screw is combined with a squared, conical assembling system, which has been proven as the best mechanical setup to lock any motion or degree of freedom between the parts, while also contributing greatly to tensional resistance.

Using the patented “Fast Connection Device”, the F-ONE kitefoils can be assembled in minimum time using one single screw. Saving time, this system also saves you space as the complete foil can be split into three separate parts which all fit within convenient space for traveling. Less parts, less volume, less hassle! Yet, the most user-friendly aspect of the FCD system is that it guarantees the perfect alignment of your wings and profiles over time, session after session.

No tuning is ever required, just plug the parts together and go riding with complete peace of mind. Building from the best available materials and technologies is not only key to the top performances but is also proving critical to provide a package fit for learning efficiently. Made of compression molded Pre-preg and Forged Carbon, the F-ONE kitefoil makes the most of the best technologies to offer a truly innovative and top of the range product.

Titan Connection:
The TITAN connection enables a very stiff and direct connection between two parts, locking efficiently any movement in all directions. Its format is compact which is hydrodynamically friendly and very easy to use, assemble and disassemble.

6063 / 6061 Aluminium:
Aluminium parts are integral to our foils. Except for the mast which is extruded, all parts are CNC machined with a precision down to 0,2mm.  Machining blocks of aluminium 6061 guarantees the maximum accuracy and preserves the mechanical properties of this higher grade of aluminium. All parts are fully anodized and stainless steel inserts are fitted with isolating gel when fastening is required.

With Pre-preg fabrics, the carbon fiber is directly impregnated with epoxy resin by its manufacturer; this guarantees a perfect ratio between epoxy and carbon, and represents the highest quality process. The material is stored in cooled rooms and catalyzes at 120° C in a mold. The Pre-preg fibers must travel in refrigerated trucks and be stored frozen. The refined ratio between carbon fiber and epoxy resin provides the lightest weight with the best mechanical properties of carbon fibre.


F-One Escape Foil:

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