All F-One do is kiteboarding. F-One are in this business by passion,
not by trend. F-one started at a time where no one believed in the
future of kite.

F-one is 100% kite-boarding brand, 
with a spirit turned to the future.

Enjoying what we do, pushing the limits is part of our job, it’s rather
a good thing. F-One are
directly connected to the field, listening to
schools, distributors, 
shops, pro riders as well local riders. The
F-one range is rich 
of this diversity.


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  • F-One Kiteboarding Linx Control Bar

    F-One Kiteboarding Linx Control Bar

    Your Price: £525.00
  • F-One Kiteboarding Big Air Kite Pump

    F-One Big Air Kite Pump

    Your Price: £54.95
  • F-One Halo - Lime / Green

    F-One Halo

    Your Price: £1,549.00
  • F-One Breeze V3 - Mango / Slate

    F-One Breeze V3

    Your Price: £999.00
  • F-One Bandit-S - Onyx / Flame

    F-One Bandit S4

    Your Price: £1,249.00
  • F-One Trigger - Abyss / Flame

    F-One Trigger

    Your Price: £1,399.00
  • F-One Bandit XVI 2023 - Mint / Onyx

    F-One Bandit XVI 2023

    Your Price: £1,449.00
  • F-One WTF V2 - Mango

    F-One WTF V2

    Your Price: £1,099.00
  • F-One Foilboard Pocket

    F-One Pocket

    Your Price: £599.00
  • F-One Pocket Carbon Foil

    F-One Pocket Carbon

    Your Price: £745.00
  • F-One Stig Foilboard

    F-One Stig Foil Board

    Your Price: £899.00
  • F-One Race Pro Carbon

    F-One Race Pro Carbon

    Your Price: £1,199.00
  • F-One Mitu Pro Bamboo

    F-One Mitu Pro Bamboo

    Your Price: £749.00
  • F-One Slice Bamboo Foil

    F-One Slice Bamboo Foil

    Your Price: £849.00
  • F-One Escape Foil

    F-One Escape Foil

    Your Price: £1,325.00
  • F-One IC6 850 V3 Foil

    F-One IC6 850 V2 Foil

    Your Price: £1,325.00
  • F-One Mirage Foil

    F-One Mirage Foil

    Your Price: £1,525.00
  • F-One Swing V2 - Blue

    F-One Swing V2

    Your Price: £699.00
  • NEW
    F-One Strike V3 - Onyx / Mint

    F-One Strike V3

    Your Price: £875.00
  • Flysurfer Mojo - Bright Edition

    Flysurfer Mojo

    Your Price: £665.00
Showing items 1 to 20 of 47 total
Set Descending Direction
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