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Flysurfer Boost 3 (III)

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  • Flysurfer Boost 3 (III)
  • Flysurfer Boost 3 (III)
  • Flysurfer Boost 3 (III)
  • Flysurfer Boost 3 (III)
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Tuning Options:

You want different characteristics from a kite, according to your own riding style? The wakestyler, for instance, wants more bar force and less hangtime. Freeriders want just the opposite. Both can be adjusted quickly and easily on the kite, since along with the already mentioned “camber”, or profile adjustment of the trailing edge, there is also a simple bar force adjustment option.

Freeflow Inflation:

Flysurfer Cronix Depower Kiteboarding Kite

Flysurfer had to make pumping even easier for those already spoiled by their ram-air foil kites. So they have developed a new valve – with a larger opening for increased air intake and easier operation – and it even works in the coldest of temperatures. As well as their new Single-Inflation-System there is an additional standard valve, which can be used with a compressor, for example. To complete the system Flysurfer have developed a R.E.D Pump (Reduced Effort Device), which differs significantly from normal kite pumps. It is not only smoother and more durable, under high pressure it switches from double hub to single hub, so that even riders with less strength can achieve the required pressure in the front tube effortlessly.

Self Launcher:

Flysurfer Cronix Depower Kiteboarding Kite

With the Self Launcher, we are offering you a tool to help launch the Boost alone, absolutely stress-free. Position the kite at the edge of the wind window, connect and place the sandbag on the ground. Then tension the kite lines and the Self Launcher will release automatically at the right moment, launching the kite.


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