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F-One Kiteboarding Monolith Control Bar

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  • F-One Kiteboarding Monolith Control Bar
  • F-One Kiteboarding Monolith Control Bar

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F-One Monolith Control Bar Technology:

Dual Combo:
The aluminium centre piece combined with fibreglass for the main tube and the ends become the perfect weight / strength ratio mix. Reduced diameter even for the centre for easy handling. Ideal for unhooked riding.

Vario Grip:
Variable thickness of the EVA gives ideal grip. Double thickness on the top of the bar where the hand pressure is the strongest brings the rider extreme comfort.

Aluminium Centre:
Reliable, comfortable bringing perfect sliding angles with minimum friction.

Soft Bar Ends:
The bar ends are covered by the grip in doubled thickness to protect your hands. Overall ergonomic shape brings you great handling.

EVO De-power & Life Line Combo:
The EVO De-power concept is a simple 4 line system with a 4m long Life Line featuring a V shaped bridle with a pulley system on each of the front lines.

This simple system offers complete safety and allows for increased de-power by finely tuning the angle of attack of the kite.

When the quick release is activated the EVO system becomes the Life Line and the kite lands safely on its back with immediate and total power kill.

EVO De-power offers complete control with direct and responsive steering in all riding conditions.

Sheeting the bar in and out is very progressive even with the kite fully de-powered.

Unhooked the kite remains light and very predictable, inspiring confidence so you can progress faster.

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