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F-One Kiteboarding WTF NG

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  • F-One Kiteboarding WTF NG
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  • F-One Kiteboarding WTF NG
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Features / Technology:

Hybrid Cap Rail ABS:
This construction process which cleverly combines the sleek lines and perfect grip of a cap construction rail with the tough-ness and durability of an ABS rail.

As on a cap construction, the deck comes down towards the rail but finishes on a rounded ABS sidewall providing a shape similar to 
a surf style rail.

Wood Core:
The wood forms the heart of your board and gives it most of its mechanical pro-perties: strength, flex and resilience (abi-lity to return to its original shape).

Each year, in order to master these properties, we seek to optimize its distribution, parti-cularly in terms of thickness.

Direct Drive:
The Direct Drive technology is present on our boards since 2001, and refers to a board with minimal thickness, a 100% wood core and a 100% fibreglass envelope. These interlocking elements meet the F-ONE standards for a kite board and pro-vide maximum durability.

The Direct Drive translate into a pre-cise board, quick and active as it erases the flaws of the water surface, collecting its energy and giving it back for the best performance. The feeling of riding a rock solid board always in contact with the water without suffering from it is even greater.

Twist Control:
The Twist Control, or Twist Carbon Control on certain models, allows to manage the board’s twist and transversal reactivity. Depending on the model, this cross-shaped structure is either an add-on or cnc-machined directly into the mass of the wood core.

Using it is also a guarantee of a better control whatever the water conditions. TC & TCC can also optimize the ratio eight/rigidity and weight/reactivity.

Dynamic Flex:
Flexibility and impact absorption are syno-nymous with comfort; however comfort does not mean sacrificing control and performance.

It is difficult to reach this compromise, and this is the main reason behind the development of the Dynamic Flex, which can absorb the chop, without compromising the control and edging.

V-Double Concave:
Double concave sections are designed to direct as much as possible the water flow so that when riding the concaves provide clearly superior grip. During landings, the water is directed out making the touch-down smoother and more stable, avoiding unwanted bouncing and sliding effects.

The Trax is simply a successful mix of technology and performance. It combines the speed and precision one can expect from any top of the line board. The F-One Trax is the perfect board compromise between performance, carving, pop, control and comfort. The new F-One Trax 9 (IX) is a state of the art 3D bottom shape with a single concave, steps and a lateral V.

This exclusive 3D shape on a full wood core board, proves year after year that F-One can improve their Direct Drive with a new advanced bottom shape. The new lateral V gives a free feeling while keeping the board on track and under control to go fast or throw high jumps.

The lighter weight and new flex distribution offer better pop and effortless control at all times. No matter the conditions, the F-One Trax outperforms on any spot. Featuring the advance Concave Steps shape the F-One Trax keeps the track in straight runs and in sharp turns.

It is fast and well balanced. At ease in any discipline, you can go from free-ride to free-style. With its dynamic flex, it is responsive, light and extremely comfortable to fit any type of rider.

Unibox Fins:
The patented UNIBOX system and RESPONSE fins have a radical effect : the asymmetrical profile improves the general ride and early planing.

However, it is the flex of the RESPONSE fins that gives amazing rail-grip as well as pop and forgiveness on heavy freestyle landings.

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