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ION Fuse 2018 Drysuit >>

ION Fuse Fusion 2015 Drysuit


ION Fuse Fusion 2015 Drysuit

ION Fuse Drysuit Features:

Tizip Master Seal Dry Zipper:
Completely waterproof due to premium
TIZIP® master seal dryzipper.

ION Fuse Fusion 2013 Drysuit

Seamtite Latex Cuffs:
Highly elastic SEAMTITE® Latex cuffs to prevent water leaking into the drysuit.

ION Fuse Fusion 2013 Drysuit

Fully Glued and Blind-Stitch Water Sealing:
Fully glued blind-stitched seams with additional Melco seam tapes.

ION Fuse Fusion 2013 Drysuit

Flexible Neoprene Construction:
Flexible Neoprene construction allows awesome wearing comfort and less bulky fit which prevents restriction of movement especially for swimming.

ION Fuse Fusion 2013 Drysuit

Supratex Reinforcements on the Knees:
Protection panels on the knees with flex zones for bending and highest abrasion resistance.

ION Fuse Fusion 2013 Drysuit

Cargo Pockets:
Three cargo pockets and an inside key pocket to make sure that you don´t have to leave anything at the beach.

ION Fuse Fusion 2013 Drysuit



ION Fuse 2018 Drysuit: £639.00
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Availability: 2-3 Days

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Kiteboarding Specific Drysuit.


This amazing high end premium Drysuit with ground breaking technology is a synergy between conventional snug fit wetsuits and baggy style nylon fabric dry suits.


The 2018 Fuse Drysuit now comes with a detachable hood with elastic drawcords on front face and back neck which can now be taken off.


It combines the advantages without inheriting the weaknesses of both concepts.


The use of neoprene means you no longer have to wear many layers of clothing under your drysuit to stay warm, the neoprene provides this insulation for you allowing you much more freedom of movement especially when swimming.


As Neoprene floats on the water it helps you not to drown in an emergency situation. Even if there is a water leakage in the suit the Neoprene shell still provides some thermal insulation to save you.


Designed for everyone, who wants to do watersports throughout the whole year, even in ice cold conditions.


Best suited for temperatures between -6°C and 12°C or people who just feel the cold all the time!


Warm: The 4.0-3.0mm thick loose-fit neoprene shell serves for best heat retention possible in extremely icy conditions. Much less extra thermal underwear is needed!

Elastic: Flexible Neoprene construction allows awesome wearing comfort and less bulky fit which prevents restriction of movement especially for hardcore tricks and swimming.

Dry: Highly waterproof due to new premium TIZIP ® Master Seal dryzipper, improved highly elastic SEA MTITE® bottleneck Latex cuffs and fully glued blind-stitched seams with additional seam tapes.

Safe: As Neoprene supports floatation on the water, it helps you not to drown in an emergency situation. Even if there is a small water leakage in the suit the Neoprene shell still provides some thermal insulation to save you.


Why is the FUSE made of Neoprene?
First of all because Neoprene has superior heat retention properties compared to Nylon fabric. Second reason is the outstanding flexibility of Neoprene! Nylon does not stretch and therefore restricts the freedom of

The FUSE DRYSUIT fits less bulky than a baggy Nylon suit, but more loose fit compared to a conventional snug-fit Neoprene wetsuit. Therefore you feel completely unrestricted in any way. Dressing up is super convenient and actually it feels much more like wearing a comfortable overall rather than a tight wetsuit!


Is the FUSE really so much warmer?
In combination with our new ION functional quick-drying underwear the FUSE DRYSUIT will probably be the warmest suit you will ever wear in your life. ION found out that wearing the FUSE, your body saves so much extra heat for the extremities, that you will feel surprisingly warm in your hands, feet and head. No more deep-frozen fingers barely able to grab anything like a bar or boom and feeling nothing but pain. Also, compare the FUSE with a Nylon suit when you are actually swimming in freezing cold water for a while. The thick layer of 4.0mm Neoprene insulation always keeps the water in a save distance to your skin to reduce heat loss by convection. Now compare it to the thin layer of Nylon and you understand why you instandly feel the cold creeping into your body!


Is it really dry?:
Yes, but you cannot expect the same as from a diving drysuit for example, even though it is a very similar construction. ION
use the same SEA MTITE® bottleneck Latex cuffs and all seams are glued blind-stitched and have additional 10 metres seam tape for water sealing. The double lined Supra_Tex and D_Fence Nylon jersey protects you against rips. In case of leakage, Neoprene still provides some thermal insulation and can be repaired easily. Providing you grease and close the zipper properly, the FUSE is dry. Only when staying in water for a longer time for example a bit of moisture might soak through due to the permanent movement and capillar action especially on the ankle cuffs. This is nothing unusual and normally not a real problem on the water. It can be improved if the latex cuffs really are tight and by applying some Vaseline or similar onto the skin area of the cuffs.


What do I wear under a drysuit?:
Always wear functional first-layer underwear such as ION Quickdry Und erwear tops and pants made of quick drying antibacterial double-layer Polyester. Even though you will always sweat it will keep your skin feel dry and comfortable because the sweat gets drawn away from the skin surface.
Additional thermal fleece garment provides extra warmth if needed. Avoid naked skin or cotton underwear, because it only sucks up the sweat and makes your skin freeze.


Why is the FUSE Drysuit a bit heavier than a Nylon drysuits?
Yes, of course the FUSE is heavier than a Nylon suit – that’s because it is completely made of highly insulating Neoprene, so do not compare apples with pears! It also includes useful pockets and a smart detachable hood. But this new concept offers so much more warmth in comparison, which a conventional Nylon suit never can achieve. Remember, the thin Nylon shell basically does not provide any heat retention – you always have to wear very thick thermo insulation underneath (plus a hood) to keep you warm at all. Add it all up and you find out, all the stuff is not much lighter and you are still freezing. Also do not judge the weight only by holding it up with your arm! Before you judge, try it on and you´ll find out, it does not feel heavy at all once you wear it – even on the water when it is wet!


How do I use the hood?:
The body loses quite a bit of heat on your head – that´s why the FUSE has a smart hood, which you can wear on the beach and even while riding on the water! It also works very well in combination with an additional ION Neo Beanie or Neo Hood. Simply put it over your head and pull the front elastic cord to seal your face. Then pull on the elastic drawcord on the back of your head to adjust the tension. It will keep the hood wrapped tightly around your head and keep your eyesight open while turning your head to left and right! If you don´t like wearing the hood, you can simply fold the top part into the hood and use it as a large wind shield standup collar on the back of your neck. There are several drain holes cut into the hood for water release after submerging. The FUSE 2015 has an improved hood which can be detatched by snapbuttons when not needed.


ION Fuse Drysuit Main Features:


  • Stay Dry:
    New Tizip master seal dry zipper with improved opening and closing slider and bottleneck shaped Latex cuffs.

  • Keep Warm:
    4.0mm Neoprene and ION cyber stretch jersey inside.

  • Elastic:
    Awesome wearing comfort due to the flexible neoprene construction.

  • Safe:
    Neoprene construction keeps the rider above the water.

  • Limestone Neoprene:
    Super-Friendly to the environment.
    ION have retreated from the oil based neoprene production process. Instead, ION use a process which relies on Limestone as a raw material. Limestone largely consists of calcium carbide, which is the main ingredient for all types of neoprene. Calcium carbide is then mixed together with other components to create specific neoprene densities and structures to serve the needs of the designers.

  • Fully Glued Blind-Stitch Water Sealing:
    The edges of the neoprene panels are covered with a highly adhesive, UV resistant contact glue which needs to dry for a few minutes. Then the glue is applied a second time to make it more sticky. Once the corresponding parts of the neoprene edges are put together by hand and then firmly squeezed with an electric pressing tool cm by cm to achieve the high tearing strength, the seams are stitched on the inside with a special blind-stitch sewing machine. A curved needle pokes through the neoprene layer and applies an elastic seam on the outside. By using this technique, the seam is highly tear proof, elastic and completely watertight and provides insulation and comfort.

  • All seams completely taped inside for 100% water-proofness

  • Inside pocket for key

  • Elastic key loop inside the chest pocket for easy access

  • Hood with elastic drawcords on front face and back neck

  • Drainholes for water release - Water which enters through the back
    zipper can leak out easily and keep the back area dry. These holes are also in the calves which prevent any water from getting stuck in the legs like a bubble.

  • Three cargo pockets

  • Supratex reinforcement on the knees:
    Protection panels on the knees with flex zones for bending and highest abrasion resistance.

  • ION Latex Cuffs:
    Super flexible Latex Cuffs on neck, wrists and ankles to prevent water leaking into the dry suit.

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ION Fuse Fusion 2013 Drysuit
ION Fuse 2018 Drysuit - £639.00

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Really recommend the ION Drysuit - Kees De Lange >>

I received the suit a couple of days ago, the first thing I noticed is how cool it looks. It is slightly more baggy than a wetsuit, but much thinner and better cut than a normal dry suit. the suit has several nice pockets, the biggest one right on the front, so it is very easy to put your gloves in as you set up your kite.


The removable hood is also easy to use and even this doesn't look half as bad as they do on the most dry suits. Putting on the suit is pretty straight forward, although my advise would be to attach a piece of rope on the main zipper on the back, without it you will need someone to help you open and close this zipper as it is on your back.


Today I took the suit out on the water, water temperature about 5 degrees Celcius, air minus 3 and the suit preformed great. the only things that got cold were my hands, feet and face, but the rest of my body which was in the suit kept very comfortable.


The suit offers enough movement even if you want to do jumps and tricks out on the water.


I can really recommend the Ion Drysuit!

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