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Peter Lynn Reactor Power / Traction Kite >>

Peter Lynn Reactor 2013 Power Traction Kite

Peter Lynn Reactor 2013 Power Traction Kite


Peter Lynn Reactor 2013  Power Traction Kite

Peter Lynn Reactor 2013  Power Traction Kite


Peter Lynn Reactor 2013 Power Traction Kite

Peter Lynn Reactor 2013  Power Traction Kite


Available as Kite Only (with bag) or complete with: 

Peter Lynn Reactor Kite Storage Bag:
Waterproof style rucksack with zipper and pockets.

Peter Lynn Reactor Storage Bag

Peter Lynn Reactor Kite Sail:
Mirai Fibre Sail, kite complete with pre-sleeved bridles.

Peter Lynn Reactor 2013  Sail

Dyneema Flying Lines:
Pre-stretched flying lines. Colour-coded for safety and ease of use.

Peter Lynn Reactor 2013  Dyneema Flying Lines
Peter Lynn Reactor 4-Line Handles:
Aluminium handles with soft foam for extra grip and ground stake loops.
Peter Lynn Reactor 2013  4-Line Handles and Safety System

Peter Lynn Reactor Wrist Leash Safety System:
Wrist-mounted de-power system enables you to let go of your quad handles when overpowered and recover your kite.

Peter Lynn Reactor Groundstake:
A must for all power kiting traction activities allowing for quick peg-down of your kite. Complete with groundstake pocket.

Peter Lynn Reactor 2013 Groundstake

Also Includes:
4-Line Bridle Foil Instructional Manual, Sticker and Keychain.,

Peter Lynn Reactor 2013  Manual Sticker Voucher

Peter Lynn Reactor Wind Speed


Peter Lynn Reactor Video:

Peter Lynn Reactor: £195.00 - £309.00
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User Rating:


Make no mistake about the Peter Lynn Reactor, this is a serious powerhouse designed for the discerning pilot wanting the challenge and performance of a competition kite while retaining many user friendly characteristics usually associated with the more docile kite. If you feel the need for speed, then the new Reactor will blow your socks off! Since the release of the very first Reactor series, the goal has always been to offer racing potential while keeping the kite easy to use and confidence inspiring.


The Peter Lynn Reactor is a true all round high end performer, not only suitable for speed freaks and racers but just as happy to power you along big Safari's and expeditions or adrenaline charged recreational sessions at your local spot. The highest quality materials matched with state of the art production techniques and stringent quality control, places this kite in a league of its own!


In the new Reactor the very best of the first two Reactor generations comes together: race winning performance and very easy handling. The Reactor is stable, forgiving, light on the controls and has very low lift. This makes it the ideal kite for buggy pilots wanting to explore their limits and take their riding to the next level. For this latest generation of the much revered Reactor, Peter Lynn have chosen to use exclusive high end construction techniques which make it possible to further reduce the number of bridles while at the same time improving the rigidity of the wing itself.


Peter Lynn designer Michel Dekker has refined the original concept within the Reactor to produce a very capable performance kite well able to challenge its pilots and produce race winning results.


Peter Lynn team rider Arjen van der Tol while flying a 2.2m Peter Lynn Reactor safely equalled the world record of that moment of 117.8 km/h on the IvanPah Drylake in Nevada, USA during final testing. This kite is truly quick!


Excellent for buggying as well as speed sessions on a land board or on snow, yet its stable and predictable flying behavior make it accessible for a much wider group of flyers. As far as both look and feel of the Reactor are concerned, this kite seems to belong to the category of high performance kites.


Flying Characteristics:


Speed: The Reactor has an amazing flying speed, especially when comparing it to other kites with a similar aspect ratio. You can ride competitively with other buggy riders, the Reactor will not be the one stopping you from riding at high speeds.

Quick Steering Behavior: The Reactor responds direct/fast to you input. With very minor movement with your handles, the Reactor moves quick and easy. Great for fast gibes and quick kite loops.


Amazing Upwind Performance: To be successful in racing you need a kite that performs on any tack imaginable. The Reactor is an intermediate to high level buggy-race and free-ride engine and its exclusive design ensures you can always ride the perfect line. Downwind, crosswind or upwind, the Reactor delivers.


Solid and Predictable Power:
The Reactor is a high performance kite that delivers solid power throughout the entire wind window. This power is delivered in a predictable way, where ever you put the kite in the window. By using innovative construction techniques Peter Lynn has created an extremely rigid wing. This rigidity ensures the kite does not collapse when you’re flying in less than favorable conditions.

Stability: The Reactor is not prone to luffing so it will not surprise you in a nasty way. Its upwind and downwind performance are amazing without giving you that feel that you are on the edge and may lose it any second. The Reactor is one of a few kites out there that combine performance and stability in an unbelievable way. With it's refined planform and profile combined low drag bridle ensuring stability even in the most challenging wind conditions.


Quick and Easy Steering:
The Reactor let’s you control it with even the smallest commands. You can steer it using only the power lines for smooth, easy turns and when you apply pressure on the brake lines you can make the kite turn on a dime in case you quickly need to change direction.

Power Buildup: The way it builds its power is very comfortable. The Reactor needs speed to perform but still has got enough grunt to keep you moving when you hit soft sand. Once the kite is stopped above your head you will notice the low lift this kite produces.


Manoeuvrability: The Peter Lynn Reactor is a very agile kite. Thanks to the Variable Aspect Ratio (VAR), this means that the larger kites turn quickly for their size and the smaller sizes behave well in stronger conditions, keeping you in full control at all times.

Windrange: Due to a broad range of sizes and its large wind range per size you can easily ride in any wind speed with these six sizes. You will notice that there is a comfortable overlap of any Reactor with its next size in terms of wind range. The larger sized kites have a slightly higher aspect ratio than the smaller kites giving them a similar feel across the range.


Design Features:


High quality material and construction techniques:
The top and bottom skins are made from extremely durable and lightweight Mirai fabric, while the profiles and D-ribs are made from tear-resistant 70D fabric. The bridles and bridle loops are made from Dyneema line.


Extremely Rigid Wingshape:
The design of the Reactor features some top notch innovations such as the H-ribs, which in combination with the D-ribs make it possible to reduce the number of bridle points while at the same time adding to the kites rigidity. The stiff 70D Mirai ripstop nylon profiles and flat double needle stitched seems in the leading edge complement this exclusive construction even further.


Spliced & Stitched Dyneema® Bridle:

The spliced & stitched Dyneema® bridle is extremely clean and dragfree. The extremely fine braided, high quality SK75 Dyneema® bridle is spliced and then stitched to create a very clean bridle setup in which unwanted drag is reduced to an absolute minimum. There are no knots or other thicker parts in the bridle that can snag and/or tangle. The Dyneema® bridle is perfectly tuned for maximum performance and free of stretch, superseding the adjustable bridles other brands use.


Innovative Dacron® Reinforced Bridle Points:
The bridle connection points are reinforced with Dacron patches to ensure maximum longevity.
This unique and innovative bridle point connection method is extremely strong. The bridle point is stitched onto a specially shaped Dacron® patch which in turn is stitched onto the kites profile. This construction method distributes the heavy load over a larger area, making the bridle points extremely tear resistant.


H-Ribs are placed inside the kite to allow further reduction of the number of bridle points.
Horizontal Ribs are placed between D-Rib supported profiles to distribute the load of the bridle connection over multiple profiles. This technique creates an extremely rigid wing-shape and helps making it possible to skip even more cells without the kite losing its shape in flight


Webbing Reinforced Air Intakes:

The Air intakes on the leading edge are reinforced with webbing. The webbing is folded and stitched into the leading edge which results in a very strong and crash proof construction. The materials used in this construction are light and help keeping the shape from the air inlets from distorting.


Fast - Easy - Setup:
The Peter Lynn Reactor flying line and new 4-line Peter Lynn handles (colour coded and foam padded to ensure a soft comfortable grip) are numbered at each end with the corresponding number on the correct pigtail on the kite. This means you'll never connect the wrong flying line to the wrong part of the kite or handle, making it easy to set up your new Peter Lynn Reactor and getting out and riding straight away!


Peter Lynn Reactor Wrist Leash Safety System:
New easy to recognize left and right kite killers ensures a trouble-free flying expereince knowing you always have the handles in the correct hand and if you get into difficulty releasing the handles means the Peter Lynn Reactor will float gently to the ground, waiting until you’re ready to go again!


Material & Graphics:

Constructed using water repellent Mirai fabric, for the top and bottom skins means you can fly knowing the Peter Lynn Reactor is protected against the elements (including UV) prolonging its life. Graphics on the top and bottom skins means it looks excellent too!


Dyneema Flying Lines & Bridle:

New Peter Lynn colour coded Dyneema flying lines are reinforced with stitched sleeving. All coloured bridles lines are stitched to reduce drag, which ensures your kite always maintains its shape and also prevents tangles when flying.



Reinforced leading and trailing edges, along with the use of heavy duty material on the ribs, makes sure the Peter Lynn Reactor is strong and robust enough to withstand hard ground impacts! Double sewn bottom skin and back-tacked bridle tabs ensure extra durability and strength, making certain the kite is reinforced where it's needed.


Extremely durable, high quality 40D Mirai ripstop nylon top & bottom skin and 70D Mirai ripstop nylon profiles:
Smooth and light fabric for the top & bottom skin and tougher fabric for the profiles. Peter Lynn pride themselves in only using the highest quality materials. The 40D Mirai ripstop nylon fabric is light and strong. And has a soft protective coating that adds to its durability and ensures smooth shaping when its under pressure. The profiles are made out of 70D Mirai ripstop nylon which holds its shape much better and is much stronger, preventing profiles from ripping in hard crashes.



D-Ribs are placed inside the kite to allow reduction of the number of bridle points. Diagonal Ribs are placed between the profiles to distribute the load of the bridle connection over multiple profiles, this technique makes it possible to use a lot less bridling than on conventional foil kites.


Double needle zigzag stitched seem flat on profile:

Double needle stitched seems which are zigzag sewn flat onto the profiles The top skin seems in the leading edge are sewn flat onto the profiles using a zigzag seem. This creates a strong and very aerodynamically clean leading edge and thereby further enhances its performance by reducing unwanted drag to an absolute minimum.


Dual Velcro Bridle Loops:
The dual velcro bridle loops are used to prevent tangling during transport

These dual velcro bridle loops are located in the third air inlet on both sides of the kite, their purpose is to secure the bridles and keep them tangle free when the kite is not in use.


Profile & Aspect Ratio:

The D-ribbed centre section of the Peter Lynn Reactor increases the smooth, clean shape of the canopy to optimise speed and eliminate distorting without the use of extra bridles. Each size of the Reactor has been specifically designed to keep the same flying feeling and characteristics throughout the entire range.


Velcro Loops & Dirt / Sand Outlets:

The Reactor's Velcro loops makes sure you can easily pack away your kite without the chance of bridles getting tangled. The Velcro outlets at either end of the kite also ensure you can remove any sand or dirt from inside the kite with ease.


All this makes the Peter Lynn Reactor the ultimate all-round high speed performance kite. Each size comes in striking colour combinations with graphics on the top and bottom skin.


Peter Lynn Reactor for recreational use: The Peter Lynn Reactor is great for skidding and jumping and is a great way to getting used to flying 4-line kites. When steering the Peter Lynn Reactor in medium winds, you will start to feel the pull of the kite. Don't run forward when the kite starts pulling, just lean back and slide on your feet.


Peter Lynn Reactor for buggying: Jump into a buggy with the Peter Lynn Reactor and you will experience what this kite can do. Whether it be for recreational cruising, freestyle or racing for fun - this kite will give you endless hours in a buggy.


Peter Lynn Reactor for landboarding: Using the Peter Lynn Reactor for landboarding is a fantastic choice to use. With its constant pull with no surprises this kite will get you cruising and sliding along with speed without any trouble whatsoever!

Available as Kite Only (with bag) or complete with:


  • Peter Lynn Reactor Kite - Mirai Fibre Sail, kite complete with pre-sleeved bridles.
  • Peter Lynn Reactor Kite Storage Bag - Waterproof style rucksack with zipper and pockets.
  • Peter Lynn Reactor 4-Line Handles - Aluminium handles with soft foam for extra grip and ground stake loops.
  • Dyneema Flying Lines - Pre-stretched flying lines. Colour-coded for safety and ease of use.
  • Groundstake - A must for all power kiting traction activities allowing for quick peg-down of your kite. Complete with groundstake pocket.
  • Peter Lynn Reactor Instructional Manual - Sticker and Keyring.

The Peter Lynn Reactor is available as a kite only (with bag) or a complete package with lines and handles in a cool backpack!


The Peter Lynn Reactor is available in the following sizes: 2.2m², 2.8m², 3.5m², 4.4m², 5.5m², 6.9m², 8.6m² and 10.8m² .


Harnesses Power Kite Kiteboarding  Buggying Landboarding  Snowkiting * A Harness can be used with this kite but is not compulsory - click for harnesses >>

4-Line Handles

Peter Lynn Reactor 2  4-Line Handles and Safety System 4-Line Handles - Aluminium handles with soft foam for extra grip and ground stake loops.









Peter Lynn Power Kiting Kiteboarding SparesPeter Lynn Reactor Spares:

You can purchase spares for this item here >>







Great power with lift! Ben Knowles

I love my Peter Lynn Reactor! It is so good for getting upwind in your buggy and getting air on my landboard. Good power to speed characteristics means I am getting nearly two kites in one!


Superb buggy engine! Douglas Greig

The Reactor pulls with smooth power through the window and is a superb buggy engine. Out of the bag it oozes class.


It turns sharply and responds particulaly well to use of the brakes. The bridle is lightweight and very aerodynamic and this helps the kite to have superior handling over the old model.


I have only flown inland so far and it handled the lumpy winds well; I can't wait to get it to the beach. The Reactor is a top quality kite which which should find a home in many a quiver and will provide hours of pleasure once it does.


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