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Kitesurf Magazine Issue 72:Kiteworld Magazine


Kitesurf Magazine Issue 71:Kiteworld Magazine


Kitesurf Magazine Issue 70:Kiteworld Magazine


Kitesurf Magazine Issue 69:Kiteworld Magazine


Kitesurf Magazine Issue 68:Kiteworld Magazine


Kitesurf Magazine Issue 67:Kiteworld Magazine


Kitesurf Magazine Issue 66:

Kiteworld Magazine


Kitesurf Magazine Issue 65:

Kiteworld Magazine


Kitesurf Magazine Issue 64:

Kiteworld Magazine


Kitesurf Magazine Issue 63:

Kiteworld Magazine

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As one of the most exciting Watersports on the planet, Kitesurfing deserves a magazine to match.


Kitesurf Magazine Issue 73:

Island Style: Two of the best waveriders on the planet and definitely two of the favourites for their respective KSP titles this year - hook up and score some waves at a few lesser known spots around the Cape Verde Islands.


Exodus: Much to the annoyance of us regular riders in colder climes, there is a select bunch of UK guys who routinely get to declamp for the cold months and go hone their skills somewhere hot, windy and normally with plenty going on after hours. This winter, Sam Light stuck a pin in the map and ended up in Cape Town.


Thai Slider Project: A great escape by some of the Canadian contingent to Asia. Craig Cunningham, Sam Medsky, and David Drinkwater investigate the continent and spread some slider love along the way.


Richman: Brothers hey! Tough going at the best of times, but what if both happen to be right at the top of the kitesurfing tree of Maui? Thankfully as is often the case, time has ensured that these two are also best of buds.


The Imperfect Storm: You can probably count the number of 'classic' cross-off days for kiting in the UK each year on one hand. As proven by a few typically grey shots to emerge from West Cornwall.


Brave New World: Both having had their fair shre of troubles over the last few years, Kitesurf take a look at whether kitesurfing has been affected in Egypt and Greece. The savvy kite traveller can both save a few pounds doing their bit to help out our European counterparts too.


Tricks: Air Reverse, Back to Blind with Airpass, Inverted front roll with tail grab.


Tested: Cabrinha Switchblade, Ocean Rodeo Rise, RRD Passion, Wainman Smoke, Crazy-Fly Raptor Pro Ltd, F-One Acid, Naish Fish, Wainman Gambler


Kitesurf Magazine Issue 72:

Bali Bagus: One of the most surf-drenched islands on the planet and one of the industries most-respected photographers.


One of Four: Kai Lenny's 4 in 1 antics were well documented and we've managed to get out hands on some epic stills from the late-avro kiting element of the day.


Aaron Hadlow On: Top bloke that he is, he reports on his ACL reconstruction, ASPIRE movie and how wakestyle riding is represented.


The Graduate: Nina Nicklin elected to join her brother and cousin at Kite Watuma and play her part in developing their family business in Kenya.


The Dark Months: Epic shots from winter in the UK. Next time your are cursing the fact that you left your boots in the van and they're frozen solid, have a quick leaf through these pages and remind yourself how lucky we actually are on these little island of ours.


Tricks: Grabbed KGB, Karate Kick, Unhooked Frontside Air.


Tested: Airush Varial-X, Crazy-Fly Sculp.


Summer Wetsuits: We check out 6 of the biggest brands of the wetsuit business.


Kitesurf Magazine Issue 71:

A Short Break in Cloudbreak: Reo Stevens takes ben Wilson's advice and makes themost of a window in hos schedule to take on one of the most feared waves in the planet, Cloudbreak on Namoutu, Fiji.


The Enigma - Kiting Teahupoo: Jeremie Eloy answered a call from Ben Thouard to head over to Tahiti for some massive Cloudbreak action to join Laird Hamilton and other big wave legends in the line-up.


KSP 2012: Three new stops including Ireland, prize money up for grabs and an altogether more high profile affair. Kitesurf talk to riders, judges and organisers ablout last year's tour and look forward to the KSP 2012 season.


Women on Top: Whichever way you look at it, 2011 was an awesome year for UK kiting, with UK riders representing in every discilpine at the very top level.


Wave Kit Test: Kitesurf put a staggering eight boards and seven kites through their paces. From onshore to cross-off and from 15 knots to 35 plus. Airush Lithium, BWS Noise, Best Kahoona, Cabrinha Drifter, Naish Bolt, North EVO, RRD Religion, Airush Choptop, Cabrinha S-Quad, Circle One Graphic, Naish Global, North Whip, Ocean Rodeo Surf Series, RRD Asso Pigliatutto, Slingshot Tyrant.


Tricks: Indy Flat 5, Backside Hack, Rodeo Kiteloop


Kitesurf Magazine Issue 70:

The Brand Trip: Pete Cabrinha has been around the block a few times, so to hear him frothing so much about his Marshall Islands trip, it must have been seriously good.


The Pro Trip: Alby Rondina takes us through his off-season regime in Brazil where he knows exactly where to head and exactly what to do to ensure he's got-it-going on next season.


The Road Trip: With the "fastest" already ticked off, Alex Caizergues goes for "highest" and "longest" while on the road in Peru.


The Island Trip: Gabi Steindl returns to the tropical idyll of Bali, where her kitesurfing adventure began almost ten years ago and finds some old friends, new waves and near death experiences.


Tricks: Backhand barrel, strapless board spin, S-Mobe with grab


Tested: Hadlow ID, Ocean Rodeo Razor, Best TS, Cabrinha Switchblade, IN Wild Thing 3, Best Armada, Naish Skater.


Travel Special: Kitesurf asked a few of the best riders on the planet why we should come to their back yard and what we need to know when we get there.


Kitesurf Magazine Issue 69:

Antandroy: More hotly anticipated than the next season of Mad Men, F-One's latest televisual offering takes us back-to-basics in deepest Mauritius. Following on from the highly respected Addikt films was never going to be easy. Raphael Salles tells us how he went about it.


Summer Loving: Kitesurf's very own bratpack cancelled their annual jaunt to center parks this year and hit up the US for some of the most respected 'independent' kitesurfing events instead. James Boulding takes us through his summer.


Access all areas: Ever been on the water and spotted some too-far-away unridden waves reeling down a point and thought 'if-only'? Tuva Jensens got a crew together and most importantly a boat and had a tour around Cape verde.


Ian Alldredge: The man with the velcro feet who does impossible things with his schtick, explains how years of experience has helped him to build his perfect board.


Tricks: Backmobe, Slim Chance, Raily to Blind,


Tested: Naish Torch, North Vegas, Flysurfer Unity, F-One Bandit 5, Naish Momentum, North X-Ride, North Wam, F-One Signature


Coldwater Gear: We check out 6 of the biggest brands involved in wetsuit accessories to keep you warm throughout the icicle season.


Kitesurf Magazine Issue 68:

Behind the Scenes: Get a back stage pass to Naish's 2012 kit shoot. Big names, big moves and no-wind shenanigans. Happy families or did it all go a bit Big Brother?


The Dream Tour: Competitive waveriding comes of age in a big way. Kitesurf Mag gets the lowdown on the most hotly anticipated event for years. The KSP Wave Tour.


New Kid in Class: Robinson Hilario. F-One's golden boy and PKRA newbie takes some time out to let us know how things are shaking out.


Back to School: The new editor steps into the lion's den for Freestyle 101 with East Devon's most terrifying pack of super-groms.


Winter Travel Guide: All of the options featured will do you perfectly through the winter months for a perfect Christmas retreat.


Winter Wetsuits: We check out 6 of the biggest brands of the wetsuit business.


Tested: Best Taboo, Naish Park, RRD Obsession, Naish Money Shot, Wainman Joke, RRD Joystick, RRD Big Bertha


Kitesurf Magazine Magazine Issue 67:

Midnight Express: Fight against the tyranny of the Icealnd volcano ash cloud. Will he succeed in a mad inter-continental dash to board the BEST Odyssey in time?


Flick my Bic: Sometimes a trip is just so totally tubular you have to put pen to paper and share your experiences. Dominique Granger reports from her Caribbean adventure aboard the Meerkat.


Atlantic Ocean Colour Scene: Jamie Turnbull sends us a report on his local scene, Perranporth in Cornwall


Back in Business: Will Bennet was glued to the TV when he noticed news about the Egyptian revolution was scarce. Thinking it would be safe to go back in now, he jumped on a plane to Hurghada.


PKRA Top Trumps: The world tour's having a breather for the summer so to tide you over, Kitesurf mag has created Top Trump Cards of the top competitors.


Interview with Lewis Crathern: We ask questions of Lewis like no one else has done before. Real issues, work and stuff!


Tested: Liquid Force Envy, Best Nemesis V3, Caution Spitfire 2011, Naish Charger, Xenon La Luz Twin Tip and Circle One Bamboo surfboard.


Edge Cup: Denzilla reports from a new type of kite racing event. News: The new Kite Pro Wave Tour plus UK Beach cleanliness.


Products: RRD's Race Kite, Kite Compressor Kit and bikini's. How-To: Get changed into your wetsuit in public. Race Scene: A candid exposure with Alex Aguara, craftsman of winning race boards.


Kitesurf Magazine Issue 66:

Make it Sticky: Royal sons of Maui Kai Lenny and Jesse Richman come down from their thrones to teach we the loyal unwashed subjects, the appropriate methodology of riding surfboards with nae straps.

The Stars of Track and Field:
Once there was a time when we'd say PKRNay, but now we're saying PKRYay! Here we're giving you the good points and the 'must try harder' points of the main podium threats. We threw in some bikini shots too.

Wakestyle: Tom Court takes us back to square one for riding in boots (the bindings, not the chemist) and explains the differences of kites, cables and boats.

Surfstyle: William Bennet breaks down the process of riding a directional for the first time and throws a few bones out there for surfers wanting to try the kite.


Freestyle: Kiteforum boss and big air king Toby Braeuer delivers a passionate article on being the best that you can be, up in the air, spinning around without the board on your feet.

Race style: Before you even get into what the latest boards are, or most efficient fin set ups, you'll need to know the race rules and flag systems. Denzil Williams lays it all out for us here.

Tested: Best Kahoona V3, Flexifoil Proton, GIN Zulu, Wainman Smoke, plus F-One TX4 and Flexifoil Anarchist twin tips!

DVD Reviews: Ryland Blakeney's Broken Water / FatSand Progression Beginner / Oxbow Waterman Experience


Kitesurf Magazine Issue 65:

The (Down) Under Achievers: James Boulding, Sam Light, Tom Court - two have nouns for their surnames; one has a kind of verb. All three of them conspired to deliver the most visually appealing trip story we've seen. It doesn't even matter that it's about Australia!

Mad Dogs and Geordie Boys: Just who the hell is Jonathan Slater? And who told him he could charge the racetrack rights of Ponta Preta like that?

ER Timeline: Jesse Richman needed a lot of plasters, hospital food and we presume, suppositories over the last year. This is how he got over his year of pain. Ex-Lax, STAT!

Buy That Man A Beer: Cameron Dietrich. Cam Wrong Deep Trick. Camera On Cheap Trick. Whatever, he's just gone and charged the biggest wave we've ever seen printed in a kite mag. Brother, this is an issue or raising bars and beers alright.


Perspective: James Boulding in mad kite rescue shark dodge act of heroism, and being shot by a helicopter. He is one busy Northerner.


Tested: RRD Vision, Mutiny F-Series, Slingshot RPM and North Fuse. Plus RRD Placebo and North Select twin tips.

Ride Guide: Westshore, North Wales. I'm telling you, it's like a cold-water carbon copy of Kite Beach.


Kitesurf Magazine Issue 64:

Aloha Bruvver: Dream of making that pilgrimage to Hawaii and seeking out some of the finest Aleutian Juice? Whilst not exactly 'bustin' down the door', we hope to lay a few misconceptions to rest here.

Is this the best kitesurfer on the planet?: Well, we're hearing it said with more frequency that Ian Alldredge from Central California really is the cat's pyjamas.

Let there be wind (or not): Brian Wheeler brings a full report from the seminal kite-cable crossover event, Wind or No Wind.

Mick Hucknall nearly ruined by boat trip: Will Bennet and Celine Collaud body-swerve the Ginger Whinger who sought to thwart their Gaudeloupe surf-kite cruise.

Entry Lines: Ben Wilson kicks the issue off with as far as we can tell, the most irrefutable case for welcoming the next growth explosion of the sport.

The Launch: Riding giants, and the boards you need to do it with Kai Lenny; 20 things we learned about Hawaii; boost your YouTube viewing figures!

Tested: Best Taboo, F One Bandit 4, Naish Park and the Slingshot Fuel, plus F One Bamboo, North Whip and Slingshot Verve surfboards, then a couple of Crazyfly twinnies.


Products: RRD's new Vision kite kicks off this issue's new gear.

How it works: The most popular new kite on Maui, the Naish Park, with Damien Girardin


Kitesurf Magazine Issue 63:

I won't cook it but I'll order it from Zanzibar!:

Kenya not exotic enough for you these days? Head south for this colourful little archipelago.

Astral Weeks: Nicky Rudd gives us the straight scoop on living under the stars in West Oz.

Invaders Must Fly: The definitive Colonial Empire travel round up! Twenty-seven locations charted for your holiday planning delight.

Trust me on the sunscreen: Ramblin' man Andy Gratwick pools his experience here with ten top travel tips to keep safe this winter.
An en'Tiree'ley good idea! A roll-on roll-off guide to the windiest, sunniest place in the UK - Spain er I mean Tiree!

The Launch: Packing the ultimate travel quiver

Tested: New format yo! Naish Torch, North Fuse and SS Rally, plus twins from Crazyfly and Canrinha.

Trigger Finger: How to get a cover up, plus blind judge and tantrum for the twinnies

Future Freestyle: Be kind, rewind. Tips on using your HC camera to ride better.

Strapless Tutorial: Wakeskate 101! Starting off with the cheapest new discipline in kiting.

Blackpool BKSA: Highlights from the closing competition
News: James Longmuir's astonishing Speedweek win, Rob Douglas' 55knots blastathon

Products: North Fuse in focus, plus latest 2011 kites about to drop
The Joy of Six: Featuring travel gadgets

Kit Reviews: Fatsand's Intermediate DVD, Finisterre Anabatic jacket and O'Neill Gooru slam vest

Denzil's Race Scene: Understanding course racing flags and the latest on kiting in the Olympics.


All issues include postage costs.


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Kiteworld Magazine
Kitesurf Magazine - £4.25

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