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Kiteworld Magazine Issue 51:Kiteworld Magazine


Kiteworld Magazine Issue 50:

Kiteworld Magazine


Kiteworld Magazine Issue 49:

Kiteworld Magazine


Kiteworld Magazine Issue 48:

Kiteworld Magazine


Kiteworld Magazine Issue 47:

Kiteworld Magazine


Kiteworld Magazine Issue 46:

Kiteworld Magazine


Kiteworld Magazine Issue 45:

Kiteworld Magazine


Kiteworld Magazine Issue 44:

Kiteworld Magazine


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Kiteworld Magazine


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Kiteworld Magazine


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Kiteworld Magazine


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Kiteworld Magazine


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Kiteworld Magazine


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Kiteworld Magazine


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Kiteworld Magazine


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On land, snow or water - in Tahiti, Texas or Tignes; Kiteworld International Magazine is the linchpin between a kiter’s last and next session. The Kiteworld staff reflect their passion, complement their understanding and ignite the fire that enthrals the masses in this varied sport, regardless of age, gender or background. A blend of expert knowledge on technical matters, aspirational travel writing and photography seamed with humour and understanding offers a complete view of what it is to be a kiter in this rapidly developing free sport.


Kiteworld Magazine Issue 57:

Wake-style guru and five time World Champion, Aaron Hadlow, was all set for a dramatic comeback to the world tour this year, meaning there would have been four past world champions all competing in the popular new PKRA format. Unfortunately he suffered a nasty knee injury in February which means this isn't possible. He's hoping to make his comeback dream a reality in 2013, but for now hobbled into the office to give his thoughts on what's to come and what he's been up to since dropping off the tour a couple of years ago. In other areas of the mag, Peter and Jordi, the kite design team at Best, break down some kite terminology and discuss the skeleton of a kite and performance differences for each rider. On test this issue is a veritable feast of offerings, as we wrap up our epic test sessions out in South Africa.


There is something for everyone, featuring: KITES: Best TS, Blade Trigger, Cabrinha Nomad, Gin Guru, Hadlow ID, Liquid Force Envy, Ozone Edge, Starkites Taina and Takoon Reflex. TWIN-TIPS: Airush FS Team, Cabrinha Caliber, Liquid Force Influence, Nobile T5, North Jaime, Shinn Dundee, Shinn Street, Xenon LaLuz, Xenon Infra and Underground SRF wave twin. SURF: Airush Compact, Wainman Passport and Underground Kipuna.


Kiteworld Magazine Issue 56:

'C Kite City' breaks down a handful of the latest modern C kites, featuring analysis of the Slingshot Fuel, Airush Razor, Best GP, Ozone C4, Blade Prime, Nobile Fifty50 and RRD Obsession Pro. Mark Glendinning took a journey to an equally out there place – the Cocos Islands in the Indian Ocean off the West Coast of Australia.


The Live The Dream theme is strong with this feature, but sometimes you've got to dig deep into that travel budget and you'll always think it's been worthwhile. Someone who did dig deep recently was Nicollo Porcella who's been charging at Jaws.


Kiteworld also report from the front line of the first Len10 Mega Loop Challenge in Cape Town and break down a sweet little move that's much more with your grasp than you may imagine – the front roll kite loop transition.


Kiteworld Magazine Issue 55:

Includes Free 132 page annual Travel Guide supplement!

It's about that time of year again; time for us to stoke your soggy winter travel fires with a burning desire to get out there and experience some of the best kiting on the planet. Issue #55 comes with a free annual Travel Guide, which is bigger than ever. New additions to this year's guide include Peru, Taiwan and the Philippines, but as usual we'll be covering most corners of the kiting world.


In the mag Youri Zoon breaks down the moves that won him the world title and we sum-up the first KSP World Tour season. In global affairs, we analyse the recovery of Egypt after the Arab Spring at the start of the year – turns out kitesurfers have been key to the survival prospects of many resorts, Jenna Hannon gives us the local's lowdown on being a kiter in the City of Angels and Yaron Barlev and Eitan Sulkin kick-off a series uncovering the riding potential in the Middle East, beginning this issue with a tour of Israel's top spots.


On top of all that Kiteworld run through subtleties in bridle designs in our technical feature, Pit Lane, Jason Wolcott blinds us with some of his latest and greatest images and we'll have a selection of the latest gear to have been ragged by the test team. Plus lots more!


Kiteworld Magazine Issue 54:

Issue 54 has more than a spattering of youthful intent. The first really credible wave kiting competition happened in epic waves in Mauritius in September and we cover the best bits and new faces to emerge via John Bilderback's well-trained lens.


French Connection is a stunning gallery by Jens Hogenkamp featuring a collective of four young French riders who are known as Children of Revolution. Super creative and with exceptional riding talent, we take a look behind the capturing of the shots.


In issue 54 we also guide you around the stunning Florida Keys, specifically Islamorada. If the thought of the onset of winter fills you with dread and the promise of warm, shallow flat waters as far as you can see, 80 miles of coastline on both sides and steady ten metre weather excites you, then you'll love this place from November to April. The Kiteworld team recently took a tour of the area and talked to those most in the know to help you make the most out of a trip towards the USA's southern most point and the colourful Key West.


PLUS: In Getting Shacked we snoop around a kitesurfer's pimp pad in Vietnam; Roberto Ricci explains the evolution of kite designs and how to develop a quiver; Martyn Hogg breaks down the unhooked back roll, back-to-toe-side, back-to-wrapped and finally the end progression – the back mobe and ridden and reviewed are, KITES: the Epic Screamer 12m, Ocean Rodeo Razor 9m, F-One Bandit 5 10m, Best GP C kite 9m, North Vegas 10m, Cabrinha Vector 12m. BOARDS: Nomad Carbon Kevlar 135, Underground FLX 135 and Underground Crypt 135cm.


Kiteworld Magazine Issue 53:

Kiteworld expose the full glory of kitesurfing around Cape Town in South Africa. There's a reason (actually, there are many!) why so many pros and amateur riders head there in the European winter time. The weather is fantastic, the scenery is some of the most stunning on the planet, but for us, as kitesurfers, it's the dozens of world-class spots and phenomenal wind stats that make it such a wind sport heaven. Kiteworld reveal the heap of reasons why those who've chosen to make Cape Town their home, and why people who've travelled all over the world looking for the best kite spots find themselves returning to put themselves at the mercy of the Cape's awesome Cape Doctor sou'easter time and time again.


Cape Town is actually one of kitesurfing's most important hubs in terms of gear development, with many brands spending all or part of South Africa's summer season putting their prototypes up against the regularly testing conditions. Airush relocated their operation to Cape Town a year ago and have now developed a fully in-house working system that includes everything from R&D and innovation to design and art. We paid a visit to their new HQ in the Muizenberg suburb of town with a particular focus on their Active surfboard construction system.


Mark Shinn thought he was onto something pretty special when he came up with the SuperShinn, which was released in August. A high-performance twin-tip packed with an unusual level of user-friendliness, he invited Jim Gaunt to take it for a spin in the choppy, real world waters of Tenerife and to see what he was making such a fuss about ahead of the product launch in August


It's that time of year again – a van-full of 2012 gear landed in the office earlier this month, including the RRD Obsession, Cabrinha Switchblade, North Rebel, Airush Lithium and Varial-X and the Slingshot Rally. Kiteworld get to grips with these new offerings to get your late summer season off on the best footing.


Crammed in elsewhere are ride guides to Saunton Sands in the UK and Cape Hatteras in the USA, plus our regular standard of stunning images, travel and technique advice and comment, columns and headline news.


Kiteworld Magazine Issue 52:

Issue 52 is loaded up with bundles of energy, literally. Take in that cover! Imagine the forces involved in a wave being able to pitch like that, and then the balls it takes to stand right in its path! We get the scoop from Ben Wilson and co's incredible sessions at Cloudbreak, Fiji in May.


Kiteworld also take a look at the work being done by some kiters who are using their sport to promote the green benefits of wind and a more ecological lifestyle before dishing some tips on how to control your strapless surfboard as it writhes against all that moving water.


Racing is now one of the fastest growing sides of kitesurfing, at least at event level in terms of the numbers of participants. We chat to the North team and check out the way raceboard shapes have drastically changed over just a few years and we suggest some ideal boards for first timers and those looking to take things more seriously.


As well as ragging up and down the coast on a handful of raceboards, the test team also delve into the realms of non-race-specific lightwind gear, including the Ozone Zephyr and Blade Fat Lady 17m kites, the RRD Addiction 16m and the North Dyno 16m as well as the RRD 10Knots twin-tip. The team also reports on the latest batch of regular 2011 gear.


Plus all your usual favourites, including tips on the popped indy grab, the strapless back loop kite loop, riding toe-side and much, much more!


Kiteworld Magazine Issue 51:

New school freestyle is really starting to take shape. The race for the next move has slowed and been replaced with a journey towards incredibly stylish, but still technical, moves. Even tricks on the PKRA are becoming more and more familiar and we're reaching a stable trick list that is allowing for riders to put more of their own individual stamp and take on a trick, rather than constantly chasing the next seemingly incomprehensible handle-pass. We set top freestyle photographer, Ydwer, and ace move-maker Bas Koole the task of capturing the art of freestyle at its best. Their results from freestyle heaven in Brazil are incredible.


Surely it's everyone's dream to build a home to their own specifications right in front of their favourite break. We go back to the building site with Bertrand Fleury and Tuva Jansen who've set up home right in front of “the longest kiting break” they've ever seen.


Ever wondered how a kite is made, how long it takes to construct each individual kite, how many people it takes, how much material is used and why they are put together in such a way? We get a tour around North's kite factory in Sri Lanka and reveal all.


There have been some epic Sessions around the world the last few months, and we have the full glorious image details from Hawaii, Norway, Ireland, the Alps and more.


Issue #51 features many more gear reviews from Cape Town, plus a handful more that we put the boots and hoods back on for this month in the UK, including gear from Cabrinha, Ozone, North, Best, CrazyFly, Blade, Shinn and more!

All that plus the usual columns, favourites, technique, news, travel and we reveal the secret behind holding onto that pee in your wettie!


Kiteworld Magazine Issue 50:

Kiteworld talks to two icons of kitesurfing. Ruben Lenten's presence and huge aerial style on the water are perhaps the most emphatic in terms of separating the potential of kitesurfing compared to any other board sport.


Jason Furness was already a buggy champion before kitesurfing on a surfboard in 1997. He's been at the heart of kitesurfing ever since; friends with everyone and involved in all that took part during the early conversations of how the sport could progress, and was part of the group that saw the potential early on, dared to dream and stuck to their guns to help transform their early hair-raising sessions into the amazing, diverse thrill that it is today for riders of all ages.


Expect images and highlights from the last decade in the sport from our favourite photographers, anecdotes from the legends and tales from the top.


Kiteworld Magazine Issue 49:

For starters it seems that the once mystical speed target of 50 knots is now a thing of the past, with Charlotte Consorti recently passing the mark and joining the elite crew of male speed kiters now rapidly pushing towards the 60 knot barrier. Rob Douglas now holds the overall World Speed Sailing record over any other wind powered vessel, with an average speed over 500 metres of 55.65 knots. We talk to him and take a behind-the-scenes look at the Luderitz Speed event with first time entrant, Fred Kloren from Xelerator kiteboarding.


Ben Wilson has worked hard to become one of the most solidly established names in kitesurfing. Kiteworld take a look at Ben's efforts at targeting the surf market with his new brand, Ben Wilson Surf.


On the travel front, Kiteworld talks to the world's most well-travelled kite journalist, Udo Hoelker – the man behind the epic World Kite and Windsurfing Guide books. Jon Modica and Corky Cullen score amazing kiting waves in Baja, Mexico that will leave you freeing up some work time to book a trip on a forecast and an Al Jazeera TV producer, Steffanie Dekker, talks us through her kiting life in Qatar.


Elsewhere in the mag you'll find reviews on the Cabrinha S-Quad and RRD Gitana surfboards as well as our first review of the F-One Bandit 4 9m.


Kiteworld Magazine Issue 48:

Reo Stevens, John Amundson and photographer Stephan Fournet discovered a cracking spot in the Indian Ocean and returned with some spell binding shots.


Globe trotting freerider and ex-World Cup rider Gabi Steindl loves nothing more than finding insane kiteboarding in the most remote places. Her report from Papua New Guinea will inspire, while the shots from Jason Pini will leave a tingle down your spine.


On top of that we have galleries from Ozone's Australia shoot and F-One in Mauritius and we catch up with Aaron Hadlow to see what he's been up to and what's new with the Hadlow Pro brand.


Kiteworld also managed to get their testing mitts on some more brand new 2011 gear. This issue they feature North's consistent performers, the Rebel and Vegas kites, Naish's Bolt and the infamous Torch. We also get on a few choice surfboards and will also reveal more surfboard offerings from all brands in our annual surfboard guide.


As well as keeping you abreast with all the most important tour updates and conclusions, world news, views, comment and gossip, we'll also be spilling the secrets on one of Ian Alldredge's incredible top turns and get you used to your first sessions at attempting to ride unhooked.


Kiteworld Magazine Issue 47:

Tested in this issue are the following items that are already available for you to throw some cash at your local shop in exchange for:


F-One's SUP kite – The Source, Airush's One strut kite - The One, Flexifoil Ion, Globe Kites Sonic, Best Taboo, MRK Zoom, Starkites S-Bow, Spleene SPX, RRD Obsession kite, plus Flyboard's Flyradical twin-tip and Liquid Force Kite Fish and Shinn Waterbird skimboard.


In other features Kiteworld take a look at the history of Best Kiteboarding. They careered into the kitesurfing market in 2004 with their brash, aggressive online tactics that saw them drastically undercut their competitors and rapidly acquire customers. In 2010 they are striving to shed the cheap / 'beginner' brand stigma.

Jim Gaunt met Best's R&D and marketing teams in Guincho, Portugal during the launch of their brand new Taboo kite to find out what really lies behind the hype and how the brand grew, from being the most unaccepted within the industry, to one of the biggest shifters of kites in the market.


Kiteworld also take a trip to two popular resorts in Egypt – El Gouna and Soma Bay - to check out just why this area of the Red Sea continues to be one of the most popular kitesurfing holiday destinations on the planet.


Plus: Tacking tips, secrets to insane one-footers, kitesurfing beach etiquette dos and don'ts, Mark Shinn's 20th column and much, much more.


Kiteworld Magazine Issue 46:

Everyone has a favourite spot. If you're lucky, it's your home spot, but more than likely it's the perfect conditions you found on your holidays that you keep dreaming about. Pro riders get the luxury of spending half their life travelling to new spots as well as old favourites. Jeremie Tronet and Linn Svendsen have made a career as travelling kiteboarders, taking beautiful pictures and keeping notes of all that they find.


This issue they present their top five spots close to Europe, and continue next issue with their top five closer to the USA. If you can't decide where to go next, these two have all the answers for your freestyle, wave and freeride questions.


As well as the usual technique know-hows, our global trottings take us on the wave mission of our lives in Indo, charity working and slider hitting in Kenya, sun soaking in Florida and our popular Sessions feature continues to uncover adventurous sessions from around the world via minimal words and stunning photography.


Plus Shannon Best tells us his These Things I Know. Judging by his Tweets, we may have to expand that feature!


In terms of gear reviews, we have a little something for everyone, whether you're a sophisticated freesrider, hardcore freestyler, part time wave rider or light wind desperado, plus we've reviewed our first Girls board from Crazy Fly.


Here's the list:


KITES: Blade Trigger, Gin Zulu 2, Ozone Catalyst, Best Waroo, Epic Screamer, North Evo


TWIN: Xenom Rayo, RRD Poison, F-One TX3, Crazy Fly Girls, Shinn Luigi, Best Armada

LIGHT WIND: Ozone Zephyr 17m kite, Flydoor XL twin, Shinn King George XL twin and Airush choptop 5'3 surfboard.


Kiteworld Magazine Issue 45:

2010 Beginners' Guide, Lou Wainman, Adam Koch, Mozambique, BVIs, PKRA assessments and much more. Lou Wainman has been the first name on the lips of top pros when it comes to inspiration for many years. Hadlow to Vari have expressed their praise for him. Images of Lou have been rare though, only adding to his mystique, but when they did come and when he popped up in the videos of Chris Tronolone, it was always with stunning class and unimaginable style. He was already doing powered handle-passes in 2001. Imagine that! At the same time, many people that have been linked with helping the sport's progression were still getting dragged up and down their local spots, trying to figure things out. We have an exclusive interview with Lou in issue #45 in which he talks frankly about progression, why he went off the radar, how he nearly threw it all away and how he's enjoying his kiteboarding now more than ever.


Adam Koch clinched the IKA world kite course racing championships in Corpus Christi, Texas this week. Ever popular and enthusiastic, he recently won the North American course racing championships after only entering two regattas before that. Could a history in skiff sailing be what made the difference for him? We talked to him just before he headed to Texas to race the world's quickest and to find out what he's been up to since competing on the PKRA world tour, back in the days of Shinn, Vari, Meyer, Solback and co.


On test are the Airush Vapor X, RRD Religion and Best Kahoona kites, and Crazy Fly Raptor, Best Spark, Maelstorm Kamikaze and Nobile NHP twin-tips.


Kiteworld Magazine Issue 44:

A winter swell in the summer in Cape Town provided a few lucky riders with some huge walls to charge at Witsands. Two riders hit up a lake session amongst the alpine backdrop near the popular snowkiting area in Switzerland, the Bernina Pass and Grant Twiggy Baker kitesurfs the hallowed surfing territory, J-Bay. All pretty unusual.


What's not unusual is our regular quality of contributions from our favourite and new providers of kiting content. Kristin Boese explains the intricate details of tacking a directional board, Sebastian Garat breaks down the pop transition into manageable chunks in the Motor Drive Project, Jo Wilson starts a new series on the psychology of riding, Johann Civel breaks the kiting altitude record in South America, Gavin McGlurg nearly kills a team of pro riders in the middle of the night during a tricky passage onboard Discovery and we visit Ireland, Boa Vista and Lizard Island in Australia.


Under interrogation is one of the sport's original pros - Simone Vannucci, the man behind Royal Kiteboarding and also Jozef Sr, Crazy Fly board designer explains why carbon fibre is so good for making twin-tips.


That's just for starters, plus there are reviews of the Ozone C4 and Naish Helix kites, twin-tips from Liquid Force, Maelstorm and Crazy Fly plus a couple of bonus surfboard reports on the Airush Converse and Naish Custom Fish.


Kiteworld Magazine Issue 43:

Crammed with up-to-date news and views from the depths of the sport's belly. We got the first interview on the beach in New Caledonia with new World Champions, Kevin Langeree and Bruna Kajiya and Mark Shinn gives his analysis of recent events that closed 2009, including Lewis and Jake's pier jump, and speculates on what it all means for 2010.


Travel stories in the mag feature Jeremie Eloy swerving bullets and pulling into bombs in Mexico, and Pavel Trcala introduces us to his home-land that was once Czechoslovakia – a snowkiter's paradise.


The fine art of popping is a technique you'll use every single time you want to get that board out of the water, whatever trick you're aiming to crack. So it's vital you understand the basics of it. The Motor Drive project is devoted simply to that, with sequences taken from in front of and behind the rider.


On test we have four surfboards, from F-One, Resin8, North and RRD and four kites, from Airush, Flysurfer, Liquid Force and Nobile ready for some rounds of winter warfare.


Kiteworld Magazine Issue 42:

Alex Caizergues broke the infamous 50 knot barrier last year and held the world sailing speed record until September this year when a huge tri-maran monster called Hydroptere added a few tenths of a second to his record. The Luderitz Speed Challenge starts in November and we talk to Alex about his experiences last year, how he feels about this year and the fact that he's already recorded a 58 knot maximum speed. Surely things are looking good!


We also talk to the first lady of speed, the UK's Steph Bridge. Steph has won the PKRA world course racing title for the last two years and regularly places well within the top ten in the men's fleets. In the next issue she explains in detail her tactics, theories and tells you what you should be practising.


On top of all that Kiteworld have got some stunning gallery features, showing the best photographers in their sport, innovating in the way they shoot alongside the best riders in the world. You'd better get your good lenses in to be able to cope with the high razzle-dazzle of it all.


Kiteworld Magazine Issue 41:

For a year or so, when the bridled kite revolution was kicking in, there were a few questionable design directions and styles on the loose, but on the whole, they did make the learning experience easier. Now it seems brands have really been able to put their fingers on what a kite should be able to do and to make it behave accordingly in order to push this sport forward. More and more often it seems like it's supposed to do everything for everyone.


Kiteworld went to Mauritius for the F-One dealer meeting recently to try out the new Bandit Three kite. It's got so much C shape to it that you'd think we'd moved backwards, not forwards. A world away from traditional C kites it is though, with astounding all-round performance, handling, wind range and ease-of-use. Many manufacturers' offerings this year will be the same, and won't it be fantastic when we all need just one kite for all conditions and riding styles. Simplicity has been lacking for a long time.


We teach you the keywords that will help you learn your next trick, we divulge the secrets to the front roll to toe-side, the front roll-to-blind and the Hasselhoff in the Motor Drive Project and on test are the: Vari Condor One 9m, JN Mr Fantastic 10m, Gin Nazca 2 15m, Ozone Instinct Light XC 8m, F-One Revolt 9m, Wainman Blunt 135, Flysurfer Flydoor Medium as well as a depowerable pulley bar from Southwind.


We also remember one the best shapers that the industry has ever had, Colin McCulloch - a man with a real love for the water who always wore his heart on his sleeve. He will be sadly missed. Those who worked closely with him and knew him best share some of their best memories of the man behind Lost Cause and most of the Airush board range over the last six years.


Kiteworld Magazine Issue 39:

If you fancy your hand at this kiting lark, but are unsure what you'll need, or are a bit anxious about what it all entails, then look no further. We've assembled a wealth of information from shop owners, instructors and manufacturers from around the world to bring you the ultimate guide to the essentials you'll need to get out on the water as safely and quickly as possible. Issue #39 also contains our summer wetsuit guide as well as info on harnesses, impact jackets and more.


Getting down to it, Kiteworld get techy with Litewave's board man, Dave Turner, Ozone's kite designer, Robbie Whittall and the much-missed from the sport and new company MD, Martin Vari. Kiteworld take you on a trip to the Seychelles, climb aboard a 57-foot yacht to see if life at the helm is as sweet as we think and Miguel ends up in Kenya. Boosting your knowledge, we teach you how to hit-the-lip, throw huge transitions, introduce the down-loop into your repertoire and we also talk to four of the UK's best riders who've spent their careers in the shadow of a legend.

Jeff Pfeffer finally decided what sedative he'd need before analysing the working group dynamics of the Eclipse team. “They've got more energy than six mad hares in a paper sack! Need a cup of joe, a clove, a handful of painkillers and a few shots of rum I reckon before getting down to this one, Jim!” A day in the life: a life in a daze! He tells the tale of living to ride, the knocks that have been taken on the way and making it pay... just enough to be able to ride tomorrow, of course.


Swerving hail bullets, praying for the skies to clear and the breeze to not drop was the name of the game for the KW test team, who were more like stealthy marines in their rapid responses to the often surprise attacks they got in the brief windows of wind from February to April. We believe we've found some fantastic items to make the summer of '09 your best yet with these racked up in your van ready to drop.


Kiteworld Magazine Issue 38:

Nowhere invigorates the mind, body and soul like Hawaii. Heroes are made and reputations are crushed in a single session. Thousands flock to this chain of islands to live out their dreams every year and to ride alongside legends. But with a reputation like this comes a pecking order, in the water, on the streets and in the back of beyond. Ten guys who've carved out careers there and call Hawaii home for all or part of the year give us the low down on where watersports die-hards get washed up in the surf.


On the testing front, the Airush Vapor and Ozone Instinct Sport are both third generation models in the 'super hybrid' category, built for performance but with more ease-of-use than the traditional C kite. They have only just been released and we put them through their paces to see how they shape up.


Also, Robby Naish, Reo Stevens and Ben Wilson shove a large dose of wave kiting down Mick Fanning's crew's throat, we reveal the rustic beauty of the island of Sal, tell you the secrets of handling a wipeout, dish out the top tips to nailing the surface pass, indy grab and flat 3, Pavel continues his journey around Eastern Europe, an Arctic explorer tells his story of kiting to the South Pole and much, much more!


Kiteworld Magazine Issue 37:

While everyone else was chowing down on the Turkey giblets and mince pies over the Christmas holidays, the boys and girls in the back room editorial bake house were cooking up something very special to keep you out of trouble for the next couple of months.


Holidays and travel is important - it keeps us sane, grounded, refreshed and provides for a healthy reality check. Fill your boots and book that dream trip. It's always worth it.


Moving onto our bread and butter: churning out the highest level in top shelf kite smutter, and where better to start than the cover of the new issue. Marc Ramseier has made Indo his second home, which is pretty obvious when you check out the angle he hits the mangle on the front page.


Full vertical style right in the critical section bagged him his first KW cover. The poor Swiss ripper is currently out of action after knee surgery, but was chuffed with his belated Chrimbo pressie of featuring on thousands of coffee tables, shop counters and newsagents all over the world.


Kiteworld Magazine Issue 36:

Summer may be over in the northern hemisphere, but the fun is really only just starting. The autumn winds are here. Kiteworld will be wrapping you up with their wetsuit guide and drysuit test. Yep, they're not only the chosen regalia of dinghy sailors - drysuits have been to the clinic and had a make-over! Kiteworld will be lifting the skins on three of the latest slick rubber looks.


The snow is starting to think about make an appearance in the many vast snowkite-friendly mountain ranges around Europe and we'll be arming you with essential information in the first of our three part snowkite guide. Our aim is to build your knowledge of this smaller faction but massively addictive area of kiting with technique articles, weather info, details of the best spots, equipment and generally dishing out an appreciation for all riders making a plight in the white.


The November issue is traditionally the home of our annual gear guide and '09 is looking pretty special. We have techno babble and pretty pictures from all the major players and more, in this the first of a two part series.


You screamed for more technique; you got it. You chased us down an alley and roughed us up for a surfboard test; you got it and you tortured us with images of your sunken eyes, grown tired from a lack of hardcore images from all other sources with which to give them the workout they need...well, like Vision Express we leap to the rescue with a veritable surgery full of corrective procedures for your lens balls.


Kiteworld Magazine Issue 35:

In Issue #35 you will reap the rewards of many hours hard labour from two of our top photo hacks who burnt gigs and gigs-worth of memory cards in Egypt and Hawaii to provide the 'perfect' shot. Working with the likes of Aaron Hadlow and Felix Pivec, William Milne and Jeff Pfeffer will show you sides of kiteboarding like you've never seen them before.


Jeff Pfeffer took on a unique project in boardsport media, explaining the subculture of strapless surfboard riding where big, floaty airs are back in fashion, via breathtaking images in the magazine, and on video at www.kiteworld.tv , making the most of all our platforms to bring you the ultimate kiting entertainment experience... and hopefully a little education and motivation to boot.


Another unusual project is Flexifoil's sponsoring of the display team of Europe's most advanced fighter jet plane, the Eurofighter. Kiteworld spent a day with some of Flexi's team of riders who traded skills with the real life 'Top Guns' (who have also appeared on BBC 2's Top Gear) to see who had the most skill. The results were very intriguing.


This issue, Kiteworld also got our hands on an early drop of 09 kites, and you can read reviews on the F-One Bandit Dos, Cabrinha Crossbow 09, North Rebel 09, Flysurfer Psycho 4 09 and the Best Nemesis HP 09. Rounding out the reviews of 08 kit are: Gin's Zulu, Eclipse's Thruster, Latitude's Latitude, Ozone's Instinct Sport and Liquid Force Session kites, while board-wise, we jump on the Royal One, F-One Trax, JN Bonnie and Clyde, Best Ouija and Spleene's Rip 134.


Kiteworld Magazine Issue 33:

It's that time of year again where kiteboarders can no longer resist the yearn to burn their cash on new toys ready for the start of the new season. The test team have been sweating in the test arena of El Medano in Tenerife for the next issue and will be bringing the most comprehensive test report to date with over 40 items put through their paces. Faults, strengths and the leading contenders will be revealed, and if you plan on buying kit in the next six months, issue 33 is a must-have. Tests include a haul of the latest bows and hybrid kites (that haven't appeared in the mag so far for '08) and a mighty fine selection of intermediate to advanced twin-tips. The testers took advantage of the wave breaks to ride a few surfboards too! Expect appearances from all the top players and a few surprisingly high-performing newcomers that have stepped up to the manufacturing plate.


Also sliding their way in between the covers are Miguel Willis's travel column as he tries to go down-the-line in the Philippines (watch his excellent documentary video by clicking here) , Mark Shinn offers a motivational master-class. On top of all that we kick-off a brilliant new series that we're very excited about developing in which we'll limber you up for some of the greatest kiteboarding experiences on the planet: the details of the world's best downwinders. Kiteboarding's not the same unless you're clocking up the miles, and this issue we kick off with a couple of classic routes along the coast of Cabarete.


Offering you their skills that pay the bills this issue, Jeremie Tronet takes over the Motor Drive project with the Jesus Style transition, (yes, that's walking on water – the masses will flock to see you ride!) building up to it with a nose grab transition and some board-off basics, Ken Russell looks at how to ride fast...and hold it all together, and Adam Jones continues offering salvation to those with all the gear, but no idea with a class on getting the most from the correct board set-up for you.


Kiteworld Magazine Issue 26:

Technique, Travel and Testing. You'll find all of them in abundance in Kiteworld issue 26.


From getting yourself unstuck in the snow during your first few snowkiting experiences through to nailing more complex manoeuvres, like the surface-pass and the back loop kite loop, we then also take you on into the surf. Issue 26 sees Kiteworld test editor and long-time wave warrior, Neal Gent, tackle the intricacies of linking together mesmerising bottom turn to top turn combos, analysing sequences of two of the best wave riders in the sport right now, both unhooked and strapless and hooked-in on a hybrid kite.


The Monster Buyer's Guide takes up a large chunk of the magazine's contents this issue, bringing you the findings from ten solid days testing in Tenerife. We rattle through 11 twin-tips, nine bow and hybrid kites and five super-charged C kites.


Plus all the usual regular features, interviews, gossip and tut from the world of kiteboarding.


All issues include postage costs.


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Kiteworld Magazine
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