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Naish Ride 2017 Water Relaunchable LEI


Comes Complete with: 

Naish Ride Kite Storage Bag:
Waterproof canvas and tough construction with expandable backpack.

Naish Ride 2017 Kite Storage Bag Rucksack

Naish Ride Kite:
Complete with pre-sleeved bridles

Naish Ride 2014 Sail

Naish Kite Pump:
Complete with aluminium shaft.

Naish Ride 2014 Kite Pump


Naish Kiteboarding Swept Compact-C:
The swept compact C-shape blends the pop and lift of a C-kite with the power, control, and turning of a swept leading edge kite. In addition, it provides ideal relaunch capabilities.

Naish Ride 2014 Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite

Low Drag Wing Tip:
This wing tip geometry reduces the overall surface of the non-lifting portion and greatly reduces drag. The more efficient the lift / drag ratio
becomes, the faster the wing tip can move through the air, which allows the kite to be both quicker and more responsive through turns.

Naish Ride 2014 Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite
Radial Segmented C-Shape:
Radial Segment C-Shape generates the C-arc using short linear segments to accurately form the kite's arc.

Naish Ride 2014 Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite
Mini Battens :
Profile stability at low angle of attack

Naish Ride 2014 Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite

Shark Teeth Trailing Edge:
Strategically placed triangular swaths work with Quad-Tex to reduce weight on the kite while minimizing and dispersing canopy flutter.

Naish Ride 2014 Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite
Octopus Inflation System:
Proven, quick and easy singly point inflation system creating uniform pressure in the struts. The Naish exclusive one-way internal valve ensures that the pressure in the struts does not change during turns.

Naish Ride 2014 Kite Pump
2-Piece Leading Edge:
This construction provides better twist control of the leading edge and improves turning performance.
Naish Ride 2014 Kite Pump


Naish Ride 2018 / 2019: £789.00 - £1299.00
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Availability: April 2018 - Pre Order Now

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Effortless and accessible, the Naish Ride is a fast favourite among riders of all levels. Ideal for those looking to progress their skills quickly, the open centre section of this lightweight, two-strut design delivers superior low-end performance and maintains smooth power delivery through turns.


Easy water relaunch provides added convenience while a slightly flattened arc generates more lift for easy jumping and “sheet-in-and-go” feel. A consistent performer with incredible control, its versatility will have both new and experienced kiters choosing the Ride as their “go-to” kite for a wide range of styles.


The Ride 2018 / 2019 has a new wing tip shape with increased leading edge curvature, which reduces the surface area allowing the kite to rotate with less drag on the water, resulting in an even easier water relaunch.


In addition, the Ride also features faster inflation and smaller packing for easy transport due to its fewer amount of struts, so it can travel anywhere and be the first kite to get out on the water.


All of these characteristics of the Naish Ride translate into very easy jumping, where the rider can simply sheet in and jump on demand, without having to over-think their kite positioning.


Light-Wind Two Strut Design:

When the wind is light, you want to maximize the ratio of power to weight of the kite. To do that, you want to have as much power with the lightest kite possible. The two struts offer significant weight savings. Think about the amount of dacron and TPU (which are the heaviest materials in a kite) that are saved. At the same time, having no centre strut allows the centre of the kite to act like a spinnaker. It can expand slightly to harness more wind. The result is that the Fly has the highest power/weight ratio on the market.


The “do everything” nature of the Ride opens up a huge range of performance options for the rider. It is the perfect tool whether you are focusing on sticking that handle-pass rotation, bashing the lip or maximizing your freeride time out on the water.


Naish Ride Kite Water Relaunch:
Auto-relaunch allows the kite to naturally roll on it's side and move to the edge of the wind window waiting for the rider's input to launch.


Naish Ride Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite


Naish Ride Depower:
The Naish Ride 2018 / 2019 is a kite that depowers by flying to the edge of the window. Compared to other kites, the Ride’s foil profile is thinner, and its Leading Edge diameter is smaller.

These two characteristics allow the kite to fly further forward in the window, and get there fast. This gives it the ability to depower quickly.


Key Features:


  • Molded Trailing Edge Reinforcements
  • 2-Strut Design
  • Swept Compact C
  • Evolutive Profile
  • Low Drag Wing Tip
  • Radial Segmented C-Shape
  • Anti-Stiction Window
  • Octopus Inflation System
  • Solid Frame Construction
  • Radial Load Distribution
  • LWR (Light Wind Relaunch)
  • Aramid Patches
  • Molded Bumpers
  • Vertical Seam Struts
  • New Dacron Trailing Edge
  • New Reinforced Strut Zippers
  • New Improved Velcro Closure
  • 2-Piece Leading Edge
  • Load Spread Wing Tip Construction
  • 4-Line Compatible
  • Turns around the wingtip for quicker loops and turns
  • Low drag design

**Prices shown are kite only - includes bag and pump**


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Kiteboarding Progression Beginner DVD
* You can learn how-to setup and fly water relaunchable kites using the Kiteboarding Progression DVD - click for info >>

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Naish Ride 2017 Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite
Naish Ride -
Kite Only

- £789.00
- £829.00
- £875.00
- £849.00
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- £999.00
- £1089.00
- £1299.00
- £1249.00
- £1299.00

Naish Park 2013 Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite

Naish Base Control System comes complete with instructional manual, Base Control Bar and 24m lines.
Quantity: at £379.00




Wind Range (Knots)
Aspect Ratio
Control System
Compatible Line Lengths (m)*


*Recommended Line Lengths shown in RED

Depower Control Bar

Naish Base Control Bar System


Naish Base 2013 Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite

Riders of all levels, from pros to newcomers, will all gain substantial advantages from the new Naish Base Control System.


The Naish 2017 Base Control System has a new front line configuration. The front lines now have a 3m single line to a Y point. The front flagging leash system has been improved and weight saved by removing the stainless Centre Line Organizer and Swivel.


A 4-line or 5-line control system in a simple ergonomic layout. The 3m single centre line split allows the removal of heavy parts and allows the front line flagging leash and optional 5th Line Kit to function efficiently.


The Naish Control bar comes standard with the Smart Loop, auto-orienting sheeting loop, and optional sliding stopper.


The result is a simple and functional control system that provides the rider with greater confidence in its functionality in all situations.


With a greatly improved “through the bar” front line leash system, and new larger floaters, the 2017 Base Control System is more streamlined and functional than ever before.


All kite sizes can be flown with the same bar.


Key Features:


  • Smart Loop Release and Depower System
  • Auto Orientation Depower Loop
  • New Improved "Through the Bar" Front Line leash system
  • New Wide Leash
  • Internal Back Line Trimming
  • New Extra Soft Bar Ends
  • New Streamlined Vario Bar Ends 19"-21" (48-54cm)
Naish Smart Loop Technology:

Naish's patented push away system is quickly becoming an industry standard and the Naish Smart Loop is the standard by which all push away systems are measured.


The 45mm handle on the Naish Smart Loop allows easy and efficient release in all situations. The system is the only one on the market that integrates a simple "below the bar" trim system that is easy to reach and operate.


The open design of the handle and internal teeth allows water to flush through and maintain a smooth reliable release in all conditions.


All of the features on the Naish Smart Loop allow the ride to focus on the kiting experience rather than worrying about an overly complicated release system.

Release Handle: Compact 45mm Release Handle can be pushed away with minimum effort to release the kite to safety.

Naish Park 2013 Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite

Sheeting Cleat: Sheeting system is integrated into the release handle for an easy reach.

Naish Park 2013 Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite

Auto Sand / Debris Flushing: Cleaning teeth ensure positive release in all conditions.

Naish Park 2013 Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite

Stainless Steel Pulley: A lightweight and easy to clean stainless steel pulley.

Naish Park 2013 Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite

Trim Line: New lighter weight trim line for unhooked riding.

Naish Park 2013 Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite

Rotating Chicken Finger: Strong rotating Chicken Lock Finger to ensure you stay locked in when needed.

Naish Park 2013 Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite

Auto Orientating Chicken Loop: Keeps the chicken loop facing the rider for an easy hook-in.

Naish Park 2011 Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite

Two-Piece Stopper: Easy to install and replace with excellent holding power and easy one-handed movement.

Naish Park 2013 Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite
Naish Universal Control System Design Elements:

Fool Proof Connectors: Removes the possibility of wrong line connection with the kite.

Naish Park 2013 Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite

Super Soft Bar Ends: New and improved super soft bar ends that conform to the outside of the rider's hand and integrates better with the floaters.

Naish Park 2013 Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite

Asymmetrical Grip: Precision asymmetrical grip that allows the rider to feel the correct bar orientation with optimal feedback.

Naish Park 2013 Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite

Diamond Bar Grip: Colour-coded thermo molded EVA diamond grip with perforated holes for ultimate feel and handling.

Naish Park 2013 Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite

Aluminium Centre Hole: Flared aluminium centre hole for minimal friction, easy turning and "bomber" durability.

Naish Park 2013 Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite

Wider Webbing Leash: 7cm longer wide webbing leash for easier repositioning after handle passes.

Naish Park 2013 Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite

Vario Adjustment: Streamlines the back of the bar and makes bar size adjustment from 19" to 21" easier than ever.

Naish Park 2013 Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite

Internal Backline Trimming: Keeps the exposed line as close as possible.

Naish Park 2013 Water Relaunchable Kiteboarding Kite



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