Best Waroo ProAfter another very windy flight test with the new BEST Waroo Pro - Kitesurf Instructor Colin Phillips tells us his initial thoughts!

Conditions > 30 - 40 Knots

Size Tested > Best Waroo Pro 9m >

Handling > Despite the windy conditions - we headed out on the BEST Waroo Pro with a tentative hand on the safety leash, the kite was launched and coped well with the sometimes 20knot gusts! 

The Waroo Pro just sits there and even after I let go of the bar - it just goes to the edge of the Wind Window and just sits on the wingtip - probably not a fair test as anything will fly in this wind, but pleasantly surprised with its positive feel through the bar without having too much bar pressure. 

The kite whips about the sky - but thats expected in these types of winds.

Jumping > Well if you want a jump machine - this is the kite! It was the highest and furthest I have ever jumped.

I have been out in these conditions before but I have never jumped so high or long.

Best Waroo Pro

Build Quality > The build quality is up there with the rest!

Control Bar System > The control bar is comfortable with a nice feel allowing you to know where the kite is all of the time. I would however have preferred a snap shackle at both ends on the safety leash as opposed to the wrist leash that is supplied.

Overall > Would I buy one? Well probably if not just for the monster jumps! 


Colin Phillips (Kitesurfing Instructor)




BEST Waroo Pro