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Flysurfer Peak 4 Review

Flysurfer Peak 4 News Review TestWe get our hands on the new Flysurfer Peak 4 and Connect Control Bar.

The single-skin foil kite concept combines passion for usability and security that will make your outdoor kite experience unforgettable.

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HQ4 Hydra Kite 3-Line Trainer

HQ4 Hydra Trainer KiteThe all new HQ4 Hydra has been re-designed for even more performance. The ease of use has also been improved.

HQ has created a kite with improved flying performance and responsiveness, providing more power through the turns.

The Closed Cell Technology allows reliable water relaunches and makes the HQ4 Hydra the most versatile trainer kite for lessons on land or in the water.

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Ozone Chrono V3 now available

Ozone Chrono V3The Ozone Chrono V3 is the ultimate light wind performance kite for all-terrains!

With it's fast and consistently forward flying characteristics, the Chrono V3 is a lightwind freeride boosting machine that excels in all disciplines on the land, water and snow.

The Chrono V3 is designed to deliver, for the competent kiter aspiring to ride an enhanced performance kite, which is powerful yet at the same time forgiving and not demanding. Get ready to experience heightened sensations that will give you the confidence to take your riding skills to a whole new level

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Kiteboarder review the Cabrinha Switchblade

Cabrinha SwitchbladeThe Cabrinha Switchblade is a super fun and lively 5-strut SLE kite that remains user-friendly and predictable in the blistering high winds of Waddell Creek.

As a medium aspect canopy with swept back wingtips the Switchblade features a single setting front bridle with one pulley and two wingtip settings that adjust between direct/lighter steering impulse and longer/shorter depower travel.

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Kiteboarder review the Core XR-5

Core XR-5 Test Review NewsThe Core XR5 is a well-heeled cruising animal that delivers excellent range and easy upwind ability. The XR5 is one of the few 5-strut kites in our high wind test this year and utilizes a delta-shaped canopy with pulled back wingtips.

The XR5 offers three settings on the front bridle with three pulleys (per side) and three settings on the wingtip to adjust between what Core calls a “medium” to “super easy” setting.

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Flexifoil Blurr

Flexifoil Blurr Power Traction KiteIntroducing the new Flexifoil Blurr Traction Kite from Flexifoil!

The Flexifoil Blurr delivers direct, smooth handling at very high speeds but with a level of exceptionally user-friendly stability that means all competent kiters will be able to enjoy it's turbo charged performance.

The Flexifoil Blurr makes buggying and landboarding at high speeds easy and with no sudden surprises!

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Peter Lynn Synergy Flight Test

Peter Lynn SynergyLast weekend we managed to take a test flight of the 15m Peter Lynn Synergy in 10-12 knots. 

Initial thoughts as soon as you get going on this kite is it feels like a Venom II - but it's only when you start turning and jumping the Synergy that you realise you have something different!


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Ozone Samurai 2 (II)

Ozone Samurai 2 Power KitesThere have been quite a few rumours flying about regarding what is going to be happening this year with the Ozone Samurai.

The replacement is the fantastic Ozone Samurai II due out for release mid April 2006!



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Ozone Yakuza

Ozone YakuzaThere have been quite a few rumours flying about regarding what is going to be happening this year with the new Ozone race kite!

The replacement is the fantastic Ozone Yakuza due out for release shortly!

Available as kite only or complete with lines and handles.

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Peter Lynn Phantom / ARC Stack

Phantom Stack PowerkiteshopYou don’t have to be flying long to discover the wind doesn’t always play when you want it! There’s nothing more frustrating than turning up at your flying site only to find that the predicted 15mph is clearly happening elsewhere.

You either turn around, and make the 120mile trip home or you do what the Powerkiteshop team do and build a 54 square metre traction beast!


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