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Ozone Chrono V3 now available

Ozone Chrono V3The Ozone Chrono V3 is the ultimate light wind performance kite for all-terrains!

With it's fast and consistently forward flying characteristics, the Chrono V3 is a lightwind freeride boosting machine that excels in all disciplines on the land, water and snow.

The Chrono V3 is designed to deliver, for the competent kiter aspiring to ride an enhanced performance kite, which is powerful yet at the same time forgiving and not demanding. Get ready to experience heightened sensations that will give you the confidence to take your riding skills to a whole new level

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Dutch Buggy Championships IJmuiderslag

Dutch Buggy Championships IJmuiderslagLast season was plagued with bad weather during all planned races so had cancel many races.

Now, the first race for the 2017-2018 Dutch kitebuggy championship was due to take place and again had terrible weather with rain and a completely drowned beach at IJmuiden.

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Saint Peter Ording, 2nd Run of the 17/18 German Buggy Championship

Saint Peter Ording, 2nd Run of the 17/18 German Buggy ChampionshipSaint Peter Ording, 2nd run of the 17/18 German Buggy Championship first runs were cancelled due to bad weather so these  were the first races for the season 17/18.

The prediction of the weather wasn’t the best, but we have ridden already 4 races this weekend. The weather was foggy and cold. The wind conditions were really difficult and different on the race course.

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Dutch Buggy Championships - Les Hemmes

Dutch Buggy Championships - Les HemmesLes Hemmes beach in Northern France near Calais is kitebuggy paradise.

It is probably the largest and widest beach in Europe and ridable with all wind directions.

It is simply the best beach I know and a potential candidate for the 2019 European championship.

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Flexifoil Blurr

Flexifoil Blurr Power Traction KiteIntroducing the new Flexifoil Blurr Traction Kite from Flexifoil!

The Flexifoil Blurr delivers direct, smooth handling at very high speeds but with a level of exceptionally user-friendly stability that means all competent kiters will be able to enjoy it's turbo charged performance.

The Flexifoil Blurr makes buggying and landboarding at high speeds easy and with no sudden surprises!

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Ozone Samurai 2 (II)

Ozone Samurai 2 Power KitesThere have been quite a few rumours flying about regarding what is going to be happening this year with the Ozone Samurai.

The replacement is the fantastic Ozone Samurai II due out for release mid April 2006!



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Ozone Yakuza

Ozone YakuzaThere have been quite a few rumours flying about regarding what is going to be happening this year with the new Ozone race kite!

The replacement is the fantastic Ozone Yakuza due out for release shortly!

Available as kite only or complete with lines and handles.

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Spring Break Buggy Blast (SBBB)

KiteboardingMegan Edwards knew nothing about buggies until she dropped in on Ivanpah's cracked, dusty and dry lakebed.

Kite buggiers from around the globe gathered near Primm for the tenth annual Spring Break Buggy Blast, an event that regularly persuades people from as far away as New Zealand and Argentina to make a yearly pilgrimage to the cracked and dusty surface of the Ivanpah dry lakebed in Nevada.


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Ground to Air Land Based DVD

Ground to Air DVD 2004It's what you have all been waiting for! A land based power kiting DVD called Ground to Air!

The DVD contains superb clips of buggying, power kiting and landboarding featuring some of the best riders around!

Shot in various locations around the world this DVD is second to none. Powerkiteshop Riders - Jason Locock, Mark Lycett, Sly Jennings, Mark Everitt, John Eaton, Richy Stones, Rob Hills and Dan Eaton also feature pulling off some great buggy and landboarding manoeuvres.

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Freestyling in Fuerteventura

Rob Hills in a spin!Fuerteventura (meaning 'windy island') was one of those translations that makes you just want to jetset off and spend a week or two away for some serious fun!

And to top it all off - there was the annual kite festival being held just a 5 minute drive from where you are staying! A dream? Not for Powerkiteshop Team 2004 who took up the challenge of finding some fantastic locations to ride and find out some of the best land based riding locations in the world!

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