Core XR-5 Test Review NewsThe Core XR5 is a well-heeled cruising animal that delivers excellent range and easy upwind ability. The XR5 is one of the few 5-strut kites in our high wind test this year and utilizes a delta-shaped canopy with pulled back wingtips. The XR5 offers three settings on the front bridle with three pulleys (per side) and three settings on the wingtip to adjust between what Core calls a “medium” to “super easy” setting.

For kite line connections the XR5 has loops on the front bridle pigtails and knots on the wingtip pigtails. Core uses a proprietary large diameter inflation valve that simply uses the female end of a standard pump hose. Just insert the hose without an attachment and twist to lock. When you are done you take the plastic finger that’s attached by a line near the middle strut and place it inside the valve to open it for deflation.

The XR5 features light to medium bar pressure with a very predictable middle of the road steering response.

The XR5 turns at a nice medium pace and offers an incredible amount of range along its throw when it’s moving across the window. The XR5 feels like it flies forward in the window and goes upwind extremely well. In addition to being super stable, it has a sheet and go feel with a ton of depower but also a ton of grunt when you need it.

These types of kites with the pulled back wingtips don’t park on the side of the window without constant bar pressure on the upward wingtip, but that’s a small adjustment when shifting to pulled back Delta-shaped designs after riding C-shaped SLEs.

In terms of user-friendly and predictable flight with some mind blowing range, the XR5 is highly refined freeride cruiser that can’t be beat.

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Core XR-5 Test Review News