Duotone JuiceManaged to test the Juice 13m in everything from 4 - 24 mph and quite simply the low end of this kite is amazing!

On a Foil, it provides reassuring stability to hone those tacks and gybes whilst being quick to turn and fun when you build up some speed. You can easily handle the kite on a Foil throughout it’s stated wind range and is making it an idea kite for those wanting to fast track their foiling progression.
As the wind built, we brought out the twin tips and enjoyed the free ride side of the Juice, quick to turn, floaty jumps & great sheet and go performance.
This year, all you need to do is pick a size to suit your weight and it will fly from 10-18 knots!
11m - 55-80kg for foil riding
13m - 81-95kg
15m - 95kg+
17m - 85kg+ for twintip riding
We were noticeably impressed with the windrange and stayed on the Foil up to 20mph and could still depower easily enough.
Its really good fun a free ride kite too with floaty lift.