Dutch Buggy Championships IJmuiderslagLast season was plagued with bad weather during all planned races so had cancel many of the races. Now, the first race for the 2017-2018 Dutch kitebuggy championship was due to take place and again had terrible weather with rain and a completely drowned beach at IJmuiden.

The first racing was cancelled but the weather forecast  for the second day seemed promising.

The wind was parallel to the beach and since IJmuiderslag is a narrow beach it meant a lot of down - and upwind tacking to do, so it was going to be a tactical and technical race, going fast wasn’t the only thing to pay attention.

The first race started and I chose the Peter Lynn Aero 14. I had a good start and I was leading the pack towards the first upwind buoy. The next downwind section was a challenge. It wasn’t possible to ride it in one tack so I made a small mistake by tacking one time too many because of some of water pools I was trying to avoid. David van Boven saw me struggling and he took the lead. The wind was playing with us on, off and changing directions, really strange. I finished 2nd.

The second race I had another good start, but in 2nd place I arrived at the first buoy and was to remain in that position. The sun was now fully out and the beach was dry, finally good racing like in the old days!

The third race I won still riding the Aero 14 and I am so pleased with this kite.

The last race of day was my only chance to beat European champion David van Boven, I needed to win this race, only then I will have won the race weekend.

The wind had dropped a bit so I took out the Aero 17 UL and rode it on 14.5 mtr lines. With so much tacking to do, short lines are a good choice as they make the kite turn faster.

I again had a good start and was leading the pack again, at least that was what I thought! I looked behind and saw the other riders going towards another buoy, mistake, I was heading towards the wrong buoy! I was just too focused on winning this race that I forgot where to go. Not only that, the next buoy I passed on the wrong side. My teammate Arjen van der Tol shouted to me and luckily I heard him. I turned around, backtracked to the buoy and passed it on the correct side. I am now last, now it was going to be difficult, if not impossible, to win the race. I pushed myself hard and managed to overtake many riders and finished 3rd, not bad at all given my bad start but not the result I was aiming for. Well, that’s racing and being too focused on winning is sometimes not the best way to win.

In the overall weekend results I finish 2nd after David van Boven and Mark van Den Berg 3rd. Since David is not ranking in the Dutch national races (he is Belgium), it means I am now leading the Dutch ranking in the Master Class, all thanks to the excellent performance of the Aero.

Roy van Baarsen