F-One Kiteboarding Revolt

To make a good beginning into the world of kitesurfing and improve everytime you go out, you need a simple and easy to use kite with easy relaunching. This is what the F-One Revolt is! An innovative kite with 4-line simplicity with no compromise safety and control.

The F-One Revolt will get you going from your first few metres with it's constant power delivery and yet keep you in total safety with it's instant power cancellation by simply letting go of the bar!

The F-One Revolt is easily neutralised as it lands on it's back and waits, powerless.

The F-One Revolt's wind range is huge and a very stable kite providing maximum comfort even in irregular gusty conditions.

Thanks to the bridle and the Delta C-Shape concept, the kite is manoeuvrable even even depowered.

Bar pressure is accurate and you can feel the kite's position in the sky at all times and is tolerant to absorb piloting mistakes.

Featuring the Life Line and the Auto re-launch, it brings superb comfort and safety to the rider.

Profile is stable. Thanks to the bridle and the Delta C Shape concept, the kite is manoeuvrable even depowered.