Flexifoil Sting Buzz Power KiteThe Buzz and Sting are two new soft foil kites from Flexifoil which make it easy for anyone to get involved in kite flying. 

Choose either the two line Buzz or the four line Sting and you are guaranteed a great first experience that will get you hooked on kiting.

The Buzz is a two-line soft foil power kite which is a lot of fun to fly. It’s a perfect entry level kite for anyone and everyone who wants to try kiting. Very easy to set up and fly.It flies equally well in both light and strong winds with very good stability at the edges of the wind window. Even if you are an experienced kiter, it’s always worth having one in your bag for your friends or family to have a go while you are getting on with some serious kiting.

The Sting is a four line soft foil power kite which is just as much fun to fly as the Buzz but with four line control instead of two. It’s four line handles allow you to turn the kite on it’s axis, fly anywhere in the wind window with precision, reverse launch off the ground and much more.

Great for improving your flying skills before you move on to the higher performance kites. Perfect for flyers who want to get into kite flying with four lines instead of two. Very easy to set up and fly.