Flexifoil Hadlow Pro 2008 08 KitesIntroducing the new water relaunchable kite Hadlow Pro from Flexifoil for 2008!

The Flexifoil HadlowPro was designed and built for the world’s best freestyle rider, Aaron Hadlow. The development of this kite has been relentless to meet the demands of his new-school style of technical, competition-level riding.

While most other brands have closed their C-shape product lines, we have continued to innovate in this important, performance-led field.

The result of Flexifoil's technical brilliance and Aaron’s extreme ability and determination has been absolute domination of the PKRA World Championship for the last four years.

The HadlowPro’s development was pushed by the fact that Aaron is one of the most progressive riders around. His style is constantly changing and evolving and as such this kite is a way into his current style of mega-loops and powered, tweaked, wake-style moves.

These cutting-edge moves are made possible due to a super-fast turn-rate and a canopy that delivers power all the way through the turn – you come in hot, but you won’t get dropped!

Technically sublime and freakishly optimised, the HadlowPro is the current pinnacle of kites for riders who have the determination to not only want to ride like Aaron, but want to be better than him.

Flexifoil Aaron Hadlow Pro 2008 08 SLE LEI Kite C-Shape

The HadlowPro is available February 2008, in the same four sizes that Aaron has in his quiver (7m, 9m, 11m and 13m) which provides a kite for almost every weather and water condition.

Bar setup comes in two different flavours, a 5-line (default) and the HadlowPro 4-line setup* – the configuration that Aaron uses day to day.

The HadlowPro is available in one colourway which was developed in conjunction with Aaron.

Technology developed for use on the HadlowPro has also directly improved Flexifoil's other kitesurf products.

Many of the design techniques used to max out the HadlowPro have increased the performance of Flexifoi's other kites whilst retaining the accessibility and ease of use Flexifoil are known for.