Flexifoil Sabre Depowerable Foil KiteWith the kite landboarding and snow kiting markets increasing in popularity, Flexifoil identified a need for a safer, more controllable kites ideal for ever changing wind and weather conditions.

The kite needed to be very different from anything Flexifoil had ever designed before. This allowed the R&D team to take a fresh approach to this area of the market. During this time Flexifoil developed several different designs before deciding on which style would ultimately suit the UK market and help push the development of the sport.

The Sabre has been designed primarily to be used for kite landboarding but is also a superb snow kite. The open vented design enables superior light wind performance with super-easy and safe solo launching, constant wing inflation and fast efficient pack down.

The Sabre will appeal to the vast majority of extreme kiters looking for a fast stable kite with amazing turning speed while having the added benefit of probably being the safest kite on the market.

The Sabre will be available in three sizes 7m, 9.5m & 11.5m.