Flexifoil Storm IIIAfter another very windy test flight with the new Flexifoil Storm III we have found out why Aaron Hadlow is currently leading the PKRA rankings!

Handling > The first thing you notice about this kite is the amazing speed of the turn rate - it caught me out when redirecting the kite after a jump - with a quick flick of the bar the kite is where you want it and is powered up ready and waiting.

You've all probably gone for a turn and slowed down a bit having to work the kite to get going again, but with the STORM III - the powers almost there all the time on demand no waiting for the kite to get pick up speed.

Jumping > This is one of the best jumping machines I have ever used and has very little carry downwind and I was able to almost immediately perfect tricks that I have been trying to get dialled for ages.

Build Quality > A neat little gadget is the deflation T pieces attached to the velcro closures..as all the bladders are one way a god-send when in trying to inflate the bladders. The deflation is even simpler - just pull the stoppers put in the T piece in and instant deflation. The overall build quality is its usual high standard.

Overall > This is an intermediate to experienced flyers kite who not only want the relability of a stable kite but also the handling and control needed to complete manoeuvres. 

Flexifoil Strike


Colin Phillips (Kitesurfing Instructor)