Flexifoil Strike 2After another very windy flight test with the new Flexifoil Strike 2 we got to grips with the new and improved version for 2005!

Conditions > 30 knots (35mph)

Handling > OK it was blowing 30 knots and I know that in those winds even a plastic carrier bag will fly fairly well, but the difference was noticed in that walking to the water with the kite overhead and no handling input from me it just sat there and didnt twitch about the sky ..I was fully depowered and being lofted and yet the Strike 2 just sat there!

This kite is really good in the gusty conditions i had today, it handles the gusts and didnt want to overfly, has a great de-power range also - some of the other guys were struggling to keep upwind even on the 7m Strike today!

Jumping > To compare to other similar kites it almost auto zeniths and turns as quick as any other water relaunchables I have flown. Anyone struggling with kite loops are going to find it easy with this kite!

Build Quality > Well not wanting to sound bias but it's a Flexifoil product and they dont come better built than this kite - super strong and reinforced in every aspect.

Control Bar System > The bar system (50cm) works well with the spinning leash on the small leader lines that come off the bar on the left hand. One halfway up where the leash attaches.

Flexifoil Strike 2

There is also a grab handle where you can detach the leash to form a wrist leash (which is supplied) or use the leash as a handle pass safety leash. It worked a treat as I had to self land using the grab handle and it worked under full load in 30knts + killing the power instantly.

The flying lines this year are 20m with 5m extensions on top, so straight away you have the ability to depower the kite even more by using the shorter lines, I was flying using the standard four line set-up but you can attach the 5th line system which will give you a greater wind range....this wasn't avaliable to test but i should have one by early next week so will report then - weather permitting of course.

Overall > Its like a Storm III that has fallen off the Atkins Diet! Pulls upwind like a train with a Storm III type boost for the jumps and when your are up there you just hang there due to the moderate aspect ratio.

Its super, powerful, strong progressive pull all the way though the wind window without any nasty surprises.

Flexifoil Strike 2At present I am still grinning 24 hours later!


Colin Phillips (Kitesurfing Instructor)










Flexifoil Strike 2