Flexifoil Strike 2 Water Relaunchable KiteThe Strike has made a new leap forwards for 2005. 

The Strike 2 is a medium aspect ratio, universal kite aimed at all levels of kiteboarder.

It can be used in a 4-line set up with the option to upgrade to the new Flexifoil 5th line control system.

  • Improved hang time.
  • Thinner front tubes mean faster, lighter turning on larger sizes.
  • Fatter front tubes produce a slower, more progressive turn on smaller sizes.
  • More direct response from lighter bar pressure.
  • All sizes have improved wind range.
  • All sizes have improved stability.
  • Larger variation between tip profile (turning area) and centre profiles (power zone) maximises kite performance.
  • All sizes of Strike 2 have the option to be upgraded to the Flexifoil 5th line system.


The Strike 2 will be available in 7m, 9m, 11m, 13, 15m, 17m and 21.0m!