Flexifoil StrikeAfter another very windy weekend - a flight test with the new Flexifoil Strike showed us what everyone in South Africa is talking about!

Handling > This kite is really good in the gusty conditions i had today, it turns really quick..(wave riding on 3m waves was awesome), handles the gusts and doesn't want to overfly, has a great de-power range..guys were coming off the water and having to drop down to 7m kites..I could just de-power on the fly and carry on!

Jumping > I've never jumped so high and you just float there without much carry downwind.

To compare to other similar kites it almost auto zeniths and turns as quick as any other water relaunchables I have flown.

Build Quality > The dacron wingtips will help with wear and tear, Together with small self rescue handles on the tips , the wingtip batons are super chunky like the Peter Lynn Guerillas and the build quality is its usual high standard.

Overall > This is a confidence inspiring kite for new-comers to the sport or those more experienced kitesurfers who want a more forgiving and less technical kite to fly. 


Flexifoil Strike

Colin Phillips (Kitesurfing Instructor)









Flexifoil Strike