Flysurfer Peak 4 Review Test News

The single-skin kite concept has intrigued me for a long time now.

Why on earth would anyone want to invest in a kite that looks like a flapping carrier bag?

I was fortunate enough to try an 8m Peak 4 at the weekend when a light came on and I realised the specific use for this kite, it’s a mountain snow kite, it’s exactly what Flysurfer sell it as. Yeah you can use it for any terrain but it’ll excel on the slopes with the white stuff giving you the most possible safety.

Safety, Safety, Safety, all you need when you’re in amongst rocks, crevices and the lonesome pine.

Push the short bar out and you get that flagging effect, though not so much on the wingtips now due to the new ram air tip design.

The pressure is OFF! Potential Danger gone. It’s Perfect.

There’s more, its stability, it auto zeniths so it’ll sit there while you fiddle with that binding adjustment.

It doesn’t luff, fold or collapse, profile reinforcements maintain the leading edge shape.

The stability doesn’t compromise the manoeuvrability either, it’ll turn on a wingtip and keep you excited.

The single skin, ultra-light materials, lightweight control gear just make it really, really easy to work with and carry about.

The New Connect Bar definitely is a big improvement, it’s clean, slick, simple, safe, short and finished. (Hand Brake maybe?). Good job.

The safety line when activated just reefs in the wing and the kite floats to the ground depowered ready for relaunch.

With the single skin, powered crashes don’t have the kite bursting scenario you have with a closed celled kite! Bonus.

If you’re a first timer there’s plenty of bridling on this kite to spoil your day so best to familiarise yourself beforehand.

Once set up and it’s in the air it never goes wrong.

Don’t expect state of the art race speed or jaw dropping upwind ability but expect all you need for the terrain that its built for.

Any forthcoming snow trip in future I’ll invest in this kite. It’s just right and built for the job.

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Flysurfer Peak 4 New Review Test