As Kiteboarding is becoming more accessible, it is no surprise that even entrepreneurs and high profile celebrities are managing to find the time to learn to kiteboard with many of them naming it the “New Golf” as more and more take to the water to network and start new business ventures while enjoying themselves in a more relaxed environment.

  Constantin Bisanz Kiteboarding   Larry Page Kiteboarding
Sir Richard Branson (Virgin Group):

An ambassador of the sport for many years has been seen kitesurfing all over the world and is often seen at kitesurfing charity events and has held the MaiTai Global event on his own Necker Island in which Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs come to enjoy a week together and discuss ideas.



Constantin Bisanz (Brands4Friends):
Bisanz founded 5 companies and sold Brands4Friends to Ebay for $200 Million. He is now an active supporter of charity projects and is now looking to be the first to cross from America to Asia by kiteboard.




Larry Page (Google):
Co-founder of Google, Larry has been kiteboarding for many years spending his time not only in warmer climates but has also been spotted ripping it up in the more frigid waters of Alaska.



Woody Harrelson Kiteboarding   Bill Tai Kiteboarding   John Kerry Kiteboarding

Woody Harrelson (Actor):
Finding fame as the barman in Cheers and more recently in the smash movie The Hunger Games - Woody can often be seen Kiteboarding just off the coast of Maui where he now lives.




Bill Tai (Charles River Ventures):
Silicon Valley entrepreneur Bill Tai is one of the biggest investors in people with new and exciting ideas and is one of the most enthusiastic ambassadors of the sport inviting the Silicon Valley elite to try Kiteboarding and using it as a base for meeting people with similar ideas.



John Kerry (US Secretary of State):
First seen Kiteboarding when he was a presidential candidate, US Secretary of State John Kerry is now a seasoned kiteboarder of over 10 years and can often be seen Kiteboarding off the coast of Cape Cod, Massachussetts.


Edward Norton Kiteboarding   Prince William Kiteboarding   Vitaly Klitschko Kiteboarding

Edward Norton (Actor):
American Actor, screenwriter, film director and producer known for his roles in Fight Club alongside Brad Pitt and recent Marvel blockbuster the Incredible Hulk, Edward took lessons with a kitesurfing school and was recently seen on Necker Island with fellow kitesurfer Richard Branson.




Prince William (British Monarch):
During his honeymoon with Kate Middleton, William went kitesurfing when in the Seychelles, taking advantage of the strong trade winds and waves. Newspaper sources have revealed that he has become quite accustomed to the sport now and is “getting quite good at it”.




Vitaly Klitschko (Heavyweight Champion Boxer / Ukranian Politician):
Vitaly and his younger brother Wladimir know for their hard hitting move both in and out of the ring are both avid kiteboarders and have been supporters to get kitesurfing into the Olympics. Whilst Vitali is the current mayor of Kiev, he still finds time to take to the water with his brother as often as possible.


  Hermoine Way Kiteboarding   Maika Monroe Kiteboarding  

Hermione Way (Entrepreneur / TV Presenter):
Hermione Way is a new media entrepreneur. Currently residing in San Francisco. Way started an internet video production company and works as a video correspondent for The Next Web. Way was also a featured cast member, on the programme Start-Ups: Silicon Valley. Hermione Way has also been named one of Business Insiders "100 Most Influential Tech Women.




Maika Monroe (Actress):
Hollywood actress often seen sauntering down the red carpet with the likes of Zac Efron and Dennis Quaid at international film festivals around the world. Maika often competes in International kiteboarding events around her busy schedule as well as helping out with kiteboarding charity events. Maika even moved to the Dominican Republic’s to train full-time while completing her senior year of high school.