North Rhino 2008 08 Kiteboarding SLE LEI Kiteboard KiteBased on the success of its predecessors, the North Rhino 08 continues to improve on the features loved by its riders. 

The North Rhino 2008 maintains all the great features and includes new developments such as multi point line attachment systems and modified shape.

Designed for intermediate to expert riders, the all new Rhino 2008 flat delta geometry boasts the widest wind range, fastest flying speed and most precise angle of attack control in the North kite range.

An increased number of canopy segments give the North 2008 Rhino extreme profile stability making it the ultimate upwind racing machine.

The deep canopy profile gives the Rhino extreme low-end power and amazing lift for long lofty jumps. By utilising stronger, more stable cloth and better strut distribution near the tips North have further enhanced the Rhino’s extreme stability and ridged structure. The reduction and repositioning of the struts makes the Rhino’s turning smooth, light and direct while also reducing the overall weight of the kite.

Fast and efficient, the North Rhino 2008 has excellent upwind performance and direct bar feedback.

The 2008 North Rhino’s deep canopy profile, supported by North’s patented Cam Battens, is packed with extra power to deliver ultimate low-end grunt in light air.

Mind blowing lift and hang time makes the new 2008 North Rhino their best jumping kite to date. The North Rhino’s ability to completely de-power makes it easy to set up and pull the trigger for huge lofty airs that may not be suitable for the average user.


North’s patented 2 Pump inflation system makes rigging the North Rhino quick and simple.

5th Element system provides safety and re-launch of the North Rhino.

Through the more stable design mainly caused by the CamBattens, North have been able to make the canopy profile deeper without loosing the high end performance of its predecessor. And more than that since the canopy is cleaner, the kite has less drag and thus even better speed through the wind window.

Due to the additionally gained profile depth combined with the fuller, more precisely-shaped canopy entry North Rhino 08 has more power and therefore provides better hang time and lift.

The unification of excellent high end and low end power in one kite makes the North Rhino 08 applicable in a never reached wind range.

North 04/05 5th Element Control Bars can be used but upgrading to the Iron Heart Chicken Loop is recommended.

  • Flat Style Kite
  • High Aspect Ratio
  • Competition / New School kite
  • Cambattens - crispier feel, better range, better low end
  • Easy water relaunch
  • Direct turning (like a C-Kite)
  • Massive depower / huge wind range
  • Easy to jump with massive hangtime
  • 2 Pump Simplicity
  • Designed for 5th Element Control Bar