MBS Core 16 Comp 16 Pro Comp 26XScrub are about to release their new range of boards.

Designed primarily for downhill boarding there are also kiteboards will no doubt set a new level in high performance boarding.

Deimos - Entry level board perfect for ripping it up ont he dirt tracks or freestyling with a kite. Short and extremely manoeuvrable. 

Nebula - Entry level freestyle kite board. Its short wheelbase and light wheel/truck combo is perfect for low-level aerial moves and rotations, while the grab handle allows for board-offs and passes.

Quasar - Entry level dirtboard matched to a steel channel truck with two spring positions - 8" diamond tread tyres and lightweight rims.

Ejector - The highlight of this board is a 7mm thick yet highly flexible and durable wood/composite deck which is light and has outstanding performance. Skate style truck with 8" lightweight tyre/rim combo.

Regolith - The top of the standard board range. Intended as a performance downhill board or high speed kite board. The Regolith uses a 7mm highly flexible and durable wood/composite deck with channel trucks.

Pro-Series 90 - Using cutting edge design to provide high performance this deck has been individually designed with a unique lay-up of composites over wood and foam keeping the strength to a minimum yet strength high - complete with skate style trucks and ratchet bindings.

Pro-Series 120 - Designed with a unique lay-up of composites over wood and foam - this longer deck is aimed at hardcore freeriding. Complemented with a new cast alloy top adjustable channel trucks and new Scrub 2 ply lightweight S-pattern tyre.