Nobile 555 2008 KitesNobile are proud to announce their range of kites for 2008 - the 555 and 666 HP!

Nobile already has a reputation for innovative technology, performance and quality and the new Nobile 555 08 Kite is no exception.

All Nobile 2008 models are 100% unique, dedicated Nobile designs. Every single kite has been designed built and tested exhaustively to produce a model that is perfectly suited to the target rider/riding style. There is now scaling up or down of one test winning size - each kite has been specially developed for the conditions it will be ridden in, meaning the wind ranges overlap and the handling qualities are consistent from size to size.

Industry leading CAD/CAM software ensures that the approved prototypes are converted into production models with 100% accuracy.

Who is the Nobile 555 08 Kite designed for?

Free-riders looking to boost their confidence with maximum versatility, huge wind range and direct bar sheeting with out the classic bow draw backs of heavy bar pressure, vague steering and poor unhooked performance.

The Nobile 555 also features incredibly simple re-launch, superb ease of use and 4 line Hybrid simplicity to ensure your peace of mind in all conditions.

Nobile 555 2008 08 Kiteboarding Kite

Key points:

  • 4 line simplicity
  • Huge range……awesome power yet massive de-power
  • Intuitive, fast re-launch
  • Huge lift and hang time
  • Controlled turning with a comfortable blend between axial and pivotal movement
  • Super stable gusty wind performance
  • Natural Arc Shaping with SLE Hybrid form.
  • Light yet still direct bar pressure (no pulleys)
  • FULCRUM Quick release
  • SMART pump inflation
  • 20m+5m line configuration

Who is the Nobile 666 HP 08 Kite designed for?

Unhooked riding, new or old school freestyle and riders that still like the classic C-shape feeling but want real levels of de-power.

Nobile 666 HP 2008 Kites

If you still yearn for the feeling of a classic C, but value the benefits the flatter kites have to offer, you will feel instantly at home on the NHP kite.

Key points:

  • Fast, direct bar feel
  • Massive de-power range
  • Axial turning for better kite looping and freestyle performance
  • Hybrid levels of stability and ease of use
  • 5th line security and re-launch assistance
  • Natural Arc shaping with enhanced
  • 5th line configuration
  • FULCRUM Quick release
  • SMART pump inflation
  • 20m+5m line configuration