North Rhino 07 SLW BOW Water Relaunchable 5th Element KiteAfter a flight test with the new North Rhino 07 - Charlie Railton tells us his thoughts on their latest SLE!

Conditions > 15 - 25knots

Size Tested > North Rhino 9m 2007 >

Handling > At long last the new rhino has arrived! In my opinion North have really kept the characteristics of the 05/06 Rhino but added lots of depower. This kite is really going to appeal to those who want the characteristics of a classic style kite along with huge depower. The steering is direct and very positive, the kite flies super fast and its upwind performance is staggering. Conditions were gusty and the Rhino ate them up and was very stable.

Jumping > North have earmarked this kite a jumping machine, and they weren’t having us on. The life is staggering but the float even more impressive meaning that landings are easily controllable. I didn’t get close to the top of the wind range of this kite and the jumps were still huge.

Build Quality > North usual good build quality, this kite has the addition of the 2 pump system which works brilliantly; a tube runs along the back of the leading edge connecting all the struts meaning you only have to pump up one strut.

North Rhino 07 SLW BOW Water Relaunchable 5th Element Kite

The advantage of this system over a 1-pump system is that you can have the struts at a higher pressure to the leading edge. Once you’ve pumped up the leading edge, the struts are automatically locked off so a leak in one will not deflate them all. North have also included new one way valves that are even better than before. All this gives a very quick rigging time.

Control Bar System > North 07 bar, simple and easy to use, one bar fits all, keeping costs down. Getting the line lengths equal is pretty key with the rhino, but its easy to trim as there is so much adjustment through the vario cleat.

Overall > A well refined kite with immense power and depower. A great kite for those who are used to the grunt of a classic kite but with the added bonus of a large wind range, going to put a big smile on the face of anyone who is lucky enough to use it!

Maybe not for the complete beginner but anyone who's jumping and looking to progress will really benefit from the Rhino 07.


Charlie Railton

North Rhino 07 SLW BOW Water Relaunchable 5th Element Kite