North Rhino 06North Rhino 06 stands for top performance in all aspects. It is the kite for competitive riders and those who really want to push their limits.

It offers maximum lift and hangtime together with all the necessary features of a modern Kite designed for expert riders.

The new North Rhino 06 turns much faster and more consistently than its predecessor and never stalls. The Rhino 06 is therefore very suitable for waveriding and new school power moves, including kiteloops and downloops.

North have tested a lot of new ideas and are able to further increase performance by using NKB CamBattens together with the new NKB Vertex hexribs. These new features keep the Rhino 06’s profile smooth and stable.

The Rhino 06 is designed for the 5th Element Bar and requires this bar to take full advantage of the maximum wind range.

With unprecedented hangtime, the potential for high jumps, fast and smooth turning and a high level of stability, the Rhino 06 is the newer evolution!