North Vegas 08 C-Kite SLW BOW Water Relaunchable 5th Element KiteAfter a flight test in South Africa with the new North Vegas 08 - Charlie Railton tells us his thoughts on North Kiteboarding's latest SLE!

Conditions > 25 - 40knots

Size Tested > North Vegas 7m 2008 >

Taking the new Vegas to South Africa was an absolute treat. The trip was made in January which is their summer and the time of year when some of the world top riders head to Cape Town to abuse some of the best conditions in the world.

After seeking some local advice before going, the 14m was kept out of the bag and only the 9 North Rhino 07 and the 7m North Vegas 08 were packed. That advice turned out to be spot on as the majority of the trip was spent on the 7m.

Handling > Having been riding a SLE kite for well over a year I was uber excited to get the Vegas out on the water. Loved it! The precise and solid feel translates into great kitesurfing.

In gustier conditions there is a little more time spent playing with the vario-cleat than on a hybrid, but de-power is readily available.

North Vegas 08 C-Kite SLW BOW Water Relaunchable 5th Element Kite

This kite is a good jumping tool, I had a couple of sessions where the kite was really powered up and the jumps were massive, but even at the lower end you could get enough height to have fun.

Where this kite excels is in more wake style powered tricks and manoeuvres.

The North Vegas 08 is a popular choice in South Africa and you are guaranteed to see people there using it to pull kiteloop handlepasses.

Unhooked the kite is a dream, North have obviously spent time ensuring that the kite works well off the hook and it does just that.

Re-launch was a piece of cake, the kite was on the water several times after failed trick attempts and there were no issues with re-launching, hopefully the larger sizes have the same characteristic.

When off the hook, putting a handlepass leash on the chicken loop works well, if you lose the bar there is sufficient depower when the bar hits the stop and re-launch is easy but often the kite is left sitting at the top of the window waiting for you to regain the chicken loop.

Jumping > The first massive impression of the kite after launching is how stable and solid it is in the air.

North Vegas 08 C-Kite SLW BOW Water Relaunchable 5th Element Kite

I could park the kite above my head and it would sit there with little input at the bar.

Turning is direct and feel at the bar is precise and crisp. I managed to get out on the kite in both gusty and consistent wind conditions, for a non hybrid or bow design the Vegas eats the gusts exceptionally well.

Swapping between the Rhino and the Vegas highlighted the differences between the two designs and the more aggressive classic style characteristics of the Vegas.

Build Quality > It’s often said, but again North’s solid construction. Looking at it side by side with the Rhino 07 there is even more reinforcement in the tips and it looks even more durable.

Control Bar System > North 08 bar, simple and easy to use, one bar fits all, keeping costs down. Easy to trim as so much adjustment through the vario cleat.

Overall > Who should use the North Vegas 08?

The Vegas 08 is a must have item for those people wanting to develop their powered tricks.

Ever been in the situation where you just don’t have enough consistent power and grunt from your kite, well the Vegas is the answer for you.

North Vegas 08 C-Kite SLW BOW Water Relaunchable 5th Element Kite

The North Vegas 08 is aimed at the freestyle rider but on the trip to Cape Town I got one friend doing their first runs on a kiteboard and another in the water doing their first upwind body drags.

This latest derivative of the Vegas has the largest wind range yet and has become even more refined. A great tool and thanks to Powerkiteshop for letting me have use of the kite!



Charlie Railton