Ozone Access XC Depower Snow Land Kite

Ozone has just released news of their 2008 snowkiting range! The Ozone Access XC, Frenzy FX and Manta II!

Ozone Access XC:
The Access XC is the 3rd generation of what has become one of our most successful designs to date. It is the ultimate kite for anyone new to snowkiting giving the rider un-matched peace of mind and security.

But do not be fooled into thinking this is purely a beginners kite, even our seasoned pro’s will have a Access XC in their quiver of kites for use on challenging days when stability and safety are the only considerations.

The Access XC is designed for taking you X-Country (XC) into the back country, it’s the ultimate personal ski-lift to take you wherever you wish to go. The ultimate Global Season Pass!




Ozone Frenzy FX:
Ozone Frenzy FX Depower Depoweable Land Snow KiteThe Frenzy has been the good friend of many Snowkiters across the globe and since its debut six years ago the Frenzy has set the standard.

Chasta has taken the Frenzy to three world titles and has pushed the boundaries of the sport with this kite further than most of us can imagine. This season the FX comes to you as that good friend you know but has some new features that really set it off.

The FX has a thinner profile to allow it to fly faster and extend the de-power range. The bridles have been minimized by removing the D lines, helping to reduce drag and increase performance and speed. Ozone have worked extensively on the handling resulting in lighter bar pressure and faster turning.

The new flying line Y system helps the handling and again reduces drag even further. There is also the addition of the X line which helps reduce the chance to bowtie the kite. The new kite is still a low down grunt kite which produces power just by putting it in the air but it is smoother, faster and lighter to handle.




Ozone Manta 2 II Depower Snow Land KiteOzone Manta 2 (II):

The Manta II (2) is a kite that has evolved from the pursuit of perfection during Ozone's progression with the Frenzy design.

Due to it's long wing tips and flowing shape - the Manta glides through the sky with speed and lift providing a modern ride for old school fliers or previous Frenzy owners.

Not everyone wants to push their limits to the extent of the top riders in the world and some just don't have the same level of skill or time to dedicate to our sport.

This is why Ozone have developed the Manta II (2). The Manta II (2) will still push the limits of those who wish to take it on, so be under no illusions that this kite will require the pilot to be highly skilled.

The new Manta 2 (II) has a new 2 pulley speed system, high performance profile, low drag bridle layout, internal diagonals to further reduce line drag and a new swept high aspect ratio plan form.