Ozone Frenzy 04The original Frenzy opened up a whole new direction in kiting. 

On the snow it really set the standard with rider Guillaume Chastagnol taking first place in the 2003 winter tour, and Fabrice Tripier Mondacin French Champion 2003. 

Refining many areas of the original kite to make the Frenzy 04 a better ride than ever before the Frenzy 04 has more power, lighter handling, better stability and a new safety system!

The Frenzy's versatility makes it the perfect choice for Snowkiting, Mountain boarding, Buggying and even Kitesurfing.

Further information will be available in December. Production is set to start shortly!

There is also good news for all those who bought the 1st generation Frenzies! The new de-power and control setup for the 2004 Frenzy will be compatible with the original Frenzy save a few minor alterations to the existing speed system.

As soon as we have all the diagrams and instructions for this we will publish the details here.

The new bar system will also be available separately from January 2004