Ozone Instinct Edge KitesAfter a flight test with the new Ozone Instinct Edge and Sport we got to grips with the new Ozone kites from 2007!

Conditions > 6 - 15knots

Size Tested > Ozone Instinct Sport - 9m> / Ozone Instinct Edge 13m >

Handling > Despite the light winds the 13m Edge got my muscular (pie-sized) frame up and riding and staying upwind while other riders were on 16 and 18m kites. The kites performed well, pulling all the way to the edge of the wind window. Complete with impressive turning rate. The 9m Sport at about 15 knots came alive and provided a less technical but well behaved kite absorbing the gusts well.

Jumping > Redirect the Edge and you are airborne! Although not arm-wrenching lift-offs, the hangtime is impressive! The 9m Sport also has excellent lift, similar to last years Instinct although the conditions didnt allow to us to conduct a proper test!

Build Quality > As you would expect from Ozone - top quality build, reinforcements in all the right places. The Sports tried and tested one pump system works well with the Edge having the standard non-return valves.

Control Bar System > The new control systems are similar to last years with the addition of trimmable brake lines.

Ozone Instinct Sport

For previous Instinct owners they can use their current bar systems on these new kites.

Overall > The EDGE is for riders who want hangtime, a fast responsive kite and huge windrange, with low end grunt.

The Sport is stable, forgiving, easy to setup and use, excellent for freeriding and for people just entering the kitesurfing scene. 


Colin Phillips
(Kitesurfing Instructor) 






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Ozone Instinct Edge