Ozone Instinct

There have been quite a few rumours flying whether Ozone were going to release an inflatable kite this year - check out the Ozone Instinct.

The Instinct is an incredible kite and even though it may look like an average "Flat" or "Bow" kite, the Instinct is very original.

Here are some facts:

The Instinct will be available in 7m, 9m, 11m, 13m and 15m sizes.

The Instinct has serious power! (and huge depower) and cannot be compared size for size to a standard c-shape inflatable.

Outlined below are some of the very important differences:

  • No pulleys on the bar or in the kite at all
  • No fibreglass battens in the kite at all so no hassles for packing/travel or damage can result from impacts
  • The Instinct has a 5th line but this is part of the trim/support system - not used as a safety system 
    The Instinct has 5 lines and attaches like any other standard C-Kite inflatable
  • Ozone InstinctNo leading edge bridles like the other brands "Flat" or "Bow" inflatable. The Instinct has a Y -bridle that splits to the center of the leading edge from the 5th support/trim line (like other regular tube kites)
  • Innovative trim system - a graduating trim ratio between the 2 power lines and the 5th support/Trim line
  • Incredible wind range - 82 kg and on standard type twin tip 132x 39 have been accurately measured riding with the 11m from 10 - 30+ knots.
  • The low wind range of the Instinct is truly incredible. Riding with the Instinct 11m when other riders have same power or less on 14-16m regular C-Kite inflatable.
  • The bar has very light pressure - perfect for all riders
  • The safety system works by letting go of the bar or pushing away the bar to the stopper for total depower. The bar when fully de-powered is still within arms reach even by tiny armed people
  • Incredible upwind performance - beginners can ride the Instinct easily and stay upwind and have 100% confidence in the depower system
  • Innovative design/invention to stop the kite inverting on the water when crashed. The instinct has a unique automatic relaunch feature with no invert issues and literally relaunches itself towards the edge of the window no matter how or where it is crashed into the water and waits at edge of wind window even if it falls onto its back
  • Rides un hooked without issues for the expert rider - its standard C-Kite attachment means expert riders and die-hard C-shape inflatable riders will love the Instinct
  • Ozone InstinctHuge de-power and insane lift equals easy controllable power.
  • Anti tangle mesh fitted over leading edge central strut to stop lines from getting caught on the bladders.
  • The Instinct is built in Ozone's factory with their highest quality and attention to detail including the bladders.