Ozone ReoThe Ozone Reo is one of those kites that scores well against a broad range of criteria and makes it easy or hard to choose just one, depending on how you look at it. The Reo is 3-strut medium aspect SLE kite with slight pullback in the wingtips. Featuring a single setting front bridle with no pulleys, the Reo offers two settings on the wingtip for adjusting turning speed and bar pressure.For line connections the Reo features a knot on the front bridle pigtail and loops on the wingtip pigtails.

The Reo uses a large diameter Boston valve that requires the larger nozzle of the standard pump attachments and like many of the smaller kites in the test, this kite pumps up real quick. The Reo features a nice crisp steering response bundled with light to medium bar pressure that feels both highly responsive yet comfortable on your forearms after a long session.

The Reo in the smaller sizes has a tight turning arc which is fairly fast but stays within the bounds of easy to control and predictable, while also generating good reliable power through the turns. We had to adjust to the Reo, at first the testing team felt like there was slack on the backlines even when the kite was sheeted in, perhaps a function of the lighter bar pressure design, yet it created plenty of power within its range and was incredibly resistant to oversheeting, which is not true of most small kites.

The Reo offers tons of depower on the outer end of its bar throw and it felt as if the kite delivers much of its low-end grunt in the final couple inches of sheeting the bar in.

Overall, this kite earned high marks across the board and the team would recommend it as a great surf and freeride option for riders across all levels.

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Ozone Reo