Flexifoil LandboardsAt this year's Paris Boat Show - kite manufacturers gave us an insight to their products for the 2003 season. Among the manufacturers were companies such as RRD, Airush, Naish, Takoon, and Flexifoil.

Among some of the products on show were Flexifoils' brand new 'Bullet' RAM Air kite, the Storm II water relaunchable, as well as their kite specific kite landboards.

Flexifoil launched the first ever range of kite specific landboards for the 2003 season. Designed by G2A in association with Flexifoil - the range comprises of three boards with unique advantages for kite landboarding including a fantastic new, asymmetric and ergonomic shape that allows easier upwind tracking and with easy kick-off footstraps.

The Flexdeck - the great all-purpose kite landboard providing excellent jumping and riding enjoyment. Designed to meet the needs of both beginners and more proficient riders, this board oozes confidence through its smooth and balanced ride. A fantastic all-round kite landboard.

The Airdeck - An ideal kite landboard for the more advanced flyer who seeks the added adrenaline of nailing tricks such as spins, grabs and flips. Short and compact this board offers riders more control when spinning. The Airdeck also comes complete with a grab handle allowing for more creativity for air tricks. Great for short runs and trick manouevres.

The Kava - Designed primarily for racing and long-distance cruising. Innovative steering springs offer a balanced and controllable ride. Larger tyres for a smoother ride are standard - ideal for long runs, cruising and safari work.



Flexifoil BulletBullet - One of the most exciting developments in traction technology, the Bullet is an all-new, ram-air kite design for 2003. Powerful yet easy to handle, the four sizes in the Bullet range can comfortably be recommended to beginners and pros alike. A great value package for both buggying and kite landboarding, the Bullet comes ready to fly with either a bar for two line use or handles for four line. A number of innovative features ensure that the Bullet is truly user-friendly.

Sizes range 1.5m to 4.5m.

Handles complete with parking loops and hard-wearing grip.

Integral safety system with wrist strap and safety leash makes for tangle-free release allowing the kite to become easily retrieveable.

1.5m Bar - Lightweight Aluminium bar for direct control, user-friendly soft foam grip with colour-coded ends.

2.5, 3.5 and 4.5m Bar - 2mm EVA foam and 15% carbon provides optimum strength to weight ratio. Pulley system for improved effective 2-line steering, re-ride wrist strap safety system for effective depower.

Lines - Pre-stretched Dyneema with colour-coded sleeving.

Complete with padded customised backpack bag with moisture vent and handle storage.


Flexifoil Storm II 2

Storm II - The next generation of water-relaunchable kites.

The new Storm II's offer many innovative aerodynamic and technical features such as variable geometry. Reactive tube technology and turbulence control tips for ultimate peformance and ease of use. Designed by their in-house R&D experts using the latest computer simulations and techniques, the Storm II has been extensively wind tunnel tested in association with some of the leading researchers at Cambridge University. Combined with the relentless testing by our team of top riders in extreme conditions, the Storm II has redefined the standards of kite design. Available either as kite only or complete with an ergonomically designed carbon composite bar with leash-less safety system for safe, tangle-free, unhibited riding.

Available in a range of sizes from 8 to 20. For intermediate to expert use.

Comes complete with control bar, custom storage bag, flying lines and full instructions.