Peter Lynn BombaAfter a very windy weekend - a flight test with the new Peter Lynn Bomba showed us what the interest of this kite was all about.

"Easy to Use"
"Safe and Predictable"
"Ultimate waveriding and jumping machine" - no queries on this one!

The smooth power of this medium aspect ratio kite fits neatly into anyones kite bag who currently owns the current advanced freestyler Guerilla kite from Peter Lynn.

It's excellent in gusty conditions still being able to deliver the power and control needed for waveriding - sitting slightly further back into the window than the Guerilla it also allows for better low level tricks and lighter wind condition riding.

The slightly thicker wingtips also aid for better water relaunching if this super stable kite should ever fall out of the sky!

The extra internal line webbing also causes a faster turning kite.

Improvements also include a foolproof inflate/deflate zippers on the trailing edge enabling for quick setup and pack-down and personalised bar pressure can be obtained by using the two different attachment points on the wingtips.

Peter Lynn Bomba

3-part wingtip spars also allow for a smaller kitebag rucksack allowing for easy transportation.


Colin Phillips (Kitesurfing Instructor) / Dan Eaton (Kite Landboard Instructor)







Peter Lynn Bomba