Peter Lynn Guerilla IIAfter a variable wind weekend - a flight test with the new Peter Lynn Guerilla II showed us how versatile this kite was with us managing to use it for kitesurfing, buggying and kitelandboarding!

Handling > This kite is really good in the gusty conditions we had today, but despite this turns very quick for its size and compared to other depowerable foil kites on the day turns quicker but doesn't accelerate quite as quick with no luffing. Improvements on it's predecessor also includes personalised bar pressure that can be obtained by using the two different attachment points on the wingtips. We tried both but found that in the lighter wind conditions - the lightest setting gives it its greatest turning speed and the kite comes into turbo power when the apparent wind kicks in.

Jumping > Both on the water and on the land - the Guerilla II proves it's a real jumping kite with not only almost straight vertical lift but also hangtime with very little carry downwind.

To compare to other similar kites it almost auto zeniths and turns as quick as any other water relaunchables I have flown. We both had to adjust our redirecting times making them later than normal to prevent the kite from looping.

Build Quality > Foolproof inflate/deflate zippers on the trailing edge enabling for quick setup and pack-down.

Peter Lynn Guerilla 2

3-part wingtip spars also allow for a smaller kitebag rucksack allowing for easy transportation which was a big improvement. 

The wingtips spars can be left assembled in the kite as the new bag expands to accommodate it.

Overall > This is a confidence inspiring kite for anyone who wants to do all kite related sports. Its versatile for wave-riding due to its great turning speed and excellent for jumps, great for hangtime and groundwork on the landboard and an all-rounder in the buggy!


Colin Phillips (Kitesurfing Instructor) + Dan Eaton (Kitelandboarding Instructor)


Peter Lynn Guerilla II