Peter Lynn F-ARC 2 PhantomPowerkiteshop Riders Dan Eaton and mJohn Eaton since August 2003 have been seen flying an early prototype of the new Peter Lynn Phantom. Designed primarily for buggying, landboarding and snow kiting.

Since August 2003 Dan and mJohn have been putting them through their paces flying the 6m, 9m, 12m and 16m versions on both landboards and buggies and despite their enormous sizes they are super quick yet very easy to use.

For buggying - mJohn said that for straight out speed in a buggy they are very controllable and with the quick speed and short bars they are easy to use during high speed runs together with the ability to adjust the angle of attack in a foil kite gives you maximum safety and ability to change you tack on any reach.

For landboarding - Dan said that these were one of the best kites for getting huge air - the massive depower range allows for greater ability to tack back upwind as well as hold more power in safety.

They are also a great all-round landboarding kite with the ability to use the same kite for both 'straight-out speed' and 'straight-up' airtime.

The Peter Lynn Phantom is due to get into the Northern Hemisphere May 2004!

Peter Lynn Phantom Dan Eaton

New sizes now include 6m, 9m, 12m 15m and 18m's!









Peter Lynn Phantom John Eaton