Peter Lynn Synergy Kiteboarding Kite The Peter Lynn Synergy is the new all-round Twinskin kite from Peter Lynn Kiteboarding.

The Peter Lynn Synergy flies faster, turns tighter and jumps higher than any other medium aspect ratio Twinskin and has a slightly more aggressive flying behaviour compared to previous Twinskin designs.

The Peter Lynn Synergy is designed for both freestyle and big air kiters who want a kite that can do it all!

  • Huge Jumps
  • Fully Powered Kiteloops
  • Handle Passes
  • Wave Riding

The Peter Lynn Synergy will give you the extra performance to push your limits!

Flying characteristics

Good Power and Wind Range
The good low end performance allows you to ride a smaller kite in a much lighter wind speeds without compromising the top end that Twinskin kites are renowned for!

Improved VPC Wingtip Trim
The new and improved VPC-system allows you to set the kite to your own preference in power build-up, depower range and feel on the bar while riding.

Responsive and Easy Control 
The Peter Lynn Synergy turns quicker and smoother than any Twinskin you have flown before! The kite invites you to do kiteloops and go big!

Amazing Lift and Long Float 
The special design of the profile gives you a fast flying kite with good lift for extremely high jumps. The long float ensures longer airtimes and offers you softer landings.

Medium Aspect Ratio
For increased performance without sacrificing stability across the whole wind range.

Original Concave LE Shape
Increasing the depower range and smooth overall wing shape.

Elliptical Tip Shape
For increased turning speed and less drag in the tip area.

Special Reinforcement Patches 
On the tips as well as on the inside of the kite to ensure maximum durability and smooth skin shape.

New VPC (Variable Power Control) System
On the wingtips for increased wind range, easier control, personal feel on the bar and smooth power build-up.

Twinskin Technology
The Peter Lynn Synergy is a Peter Lynn Twinskin kite. The kite consists of two layers of fabric with a set of profiles in between. When the kite crashes on the water, the taped seams as well as the valves behind the air inlets prevent the air escaping from the kite as well as any water getting in, for a quick and easy re-launch.

Some of the great advantages of this style of kite are:

Very clean airflow around the wing, both the top skin and the bottom skin are shaped for maximum performance and lift.

No bladders or tubes that can burst, the kite is more resistant to wear & tear. 

Even weight distribution as the complete kite is made of the same material. This makes the kite incredibly stable.

No heavy leading edge causing the kite to luff. Ideal for practicing new tricks. 

Easy and cheap repairs as the material is all solid Chikara Ripstop Nylon.

Wingtip Dual inflation zippers: To inflate your kite with effortless input, for a safer and easier launch.

Launch Assistant Tag: Velcro tabs to ensure trouble-free self launching.

Water Relaunching: Because of the extreme stability, a twin-skin from Peter Lynn is unlikely to ever hit the water in the first place. 

However if it does, the waterproof taped and reinforced seams and the incorporated silicon valve design behind the air intakes along the kite's leading edge trap the air inside the kite, and make it very hard for water to get in.

The large volume of air keeps the whole kite floating on top of the water, so there is nothing stopping the kite from taking off. With very little practice, water re-launching a Peter Lynn Twin-Skin is very simple, quick, and easy to do.

Many riders who are already flying Twin-Skin kites claim many months on the water without ever dropping it into the water, some even claim they have never had to do one. Spend more time in the air and less time relaunching on the water. Get yourself a Peter Lynn Venom today and discover the new world of kite boarding all over again.

Package / Accessories
The Peter Lynn Synergy is available as kite only or complete (with bar and lines). 

The package contains:

Peter Lynn Synergy Kite 
Peter Lynn Synergy expandable backpack 
Peter Lynn Synergy compact sticks
Peter Lynn Synergy sand and snow bag
Full color Peter Lynn instruction manual 
Instructional DVD 
Peter Lynn Kiteboarding Sticker
Peter Lynn Beanie
Peter Lynn 4-line Control bar and 27mtr lines - (complete versions only)