Peter Lynn Venom II The Peter Lynn Venom II is your ticket to the world of extreme freestyle kiteboarding. Building on the success of the Venom, the Venom II is the perfect all-round freestyle kite, giving you the ability to do the tricks you have been dreaming about. The very quick turning speed and great lift allow you to do the craziest kiteloops and handlepasses and extreme jumps.

The Venom II has been pushed to meet demands of freestyle kiteboarding riders, but has not lost the special Peter Lynn Twinskin stability and comfortable feel.

Flying characteristics

Fast turning
The Venom II has a very direct response and fast turning speed, for easier kiteloops and fast transitions. The steering adjusters in the tips allow you to change the steering of the kite to your personal preference.

Lift and Float
The Venom II has great lift and float, high jumps are always great fun. When you are not too powered up, this extra lift makes it easy to do your tricks. The Venom II has very good float so you will be staying in the air for a longer time and you will be assured of a soft landing.

Smooth Power
When riding a Venom II unhooked, the kite flys quick and easy. The flying speed is not so much affected by the tension that is put on the rear lines. This makes the Venom II powerful and makes it easy to do new school moves.

Upwind Performance
The Venom II has a very good upwind performance, for you to easily get back to where you started.

The Venom II has a great amount of power for a comfortable ride. The steering adjusters and flight adjuster allow you to set your power and depower exactly as you prefer. The great amount of depower gives you a larger windrange.

Twinskin Technology
The Venom II is a Peter Lynn Twinskin kite. The kite consists of two layers of fabric with a set of profiles in between. When the kite crashes on the water, the taped seams as well as the valves behind the air inlets prevent the air escaping from the kite as well as any water getting in, for a quick and easy re-launch.

Some of the great advantages of this style of kite are:

Very clean airflow around the wing, both the top skin and the bottom skin are shaped for maximum performance and lift.

No bladders or tubes that can burst, the kite is more resistant to wear & tear.

Even weight distribution as the complete kite is made of the same material. This makes the kite incredibly stable.

No heavy leading edge causing the kite to luff. Ideal for practicing new tricks.

Easy and cheap repairs as the material are all solid Chikara Ripstop Nylon.

Package / Accessories

The Venom II is available as kite only or complete (with bar and lines).

The package contains: 
Venom II Kite 
Venom II expandable backpack 
Venom II compact sticks 
Full color instruction manual 
Instructional DVD

Peter Lynn Kiteboarding Sticker and Venom II T-shirt 
4-line Control bar and 27mtr lines - (complete versions only)