Peter Lynn VortexAfter a very windy day at one of our favourite beaches we managed to take a flight test with the new Peter Lynn Vortex!

Handling > This kite is really good even in the gusty conditions I had today. It turned really quick and as with all other Peter Lynn ARC style kites it doesn't want to overfly! Good de-power range with this kite - even with the wind reaching 25knots I was still able to stay upwind on my board.

Jumping > Good jumping but the surprise was the amount of hangtime. Quite a large amount of carry downwind but as mentioned its not a problem to get back upwind with this kite.

Build Quality > Improvements include a foolproof inflate/deflate zippers enabling for quick setup and pack-down and personalised bar pressure can be obtained by using the different attachment points on the wingtips.

3-part wingtip lightwight alloy spars allow for a smaller kitebag rucksack allowing for easy transportation or alternatively if you wish to leave the spars assembled - the bag is improved and now comes with a zip-up section to enclose the kite as opposed to last year's drawstring.

There is also a steering adjuster inside the kite to personalise a more tighter/looser turn rate as well as lighter/heavier bar pressure. Launch assistant tags also included for easy solo-launching.

Peter Lynn Vortex

Overall > This is a confidence inspiring kite for new-comers to the sport or those more experienced kitesurfers who want a more forgiving and less technical kite to fly.


Dan Eaton (Powerkiting Instructor)










Peter Lynn Vortex


Peter Lynn Vortex Peter Lynn Vortex Peter Lynn Vortex