Peter Lynn VortexThe Peter Lynn Vortex is the perfect fun kite! With its very fast turning, you’ll have an excellent ride in waves, but also a great time just cruising, wake-style riding or free styling. Kite-loops are a piece of cake. Entry-level riders will enjoy the ease in getting onto the board, as a result of the predictable nature of the Vortex. For the same reason its also easy to re-launch this kite after a crash on the water.

Flying characteristics

Sharp turning
The Vortex has a very direct and sharp turn. This is great for cruising, wave riding, wake-style and freestyle riding. It really is an excellent kite for kitelooping! The new steering adjusters in the tips give you the ability to fine-tune the turning style as well as the feel on the bar to your personal liking.

Constant Pull
The Vortex has a constant pull, great when riding waves or doing wake-style moves. Beginners will appreciate this predictable behavior to help get back you on the board quicky and easly.

The Vortex is extremely stable like all Twinskin kites, making kite boarding easy from entry-level through to advanced riding - start concentrating on your riding, not having to worry about your kite!

Fast water re-launch
Due to the lower aspect ratio, the kite is very easy to re-launch from the water. Spend more time riding and trying new tricks, instead of trying to re-launch your kite!

The Vortex has good lift for easy freestyle moves. With the Vortex, you easily get air and into some cool tricks and transitions.

Lower aspect ratio for easier water re-launch, quick turning and constant pull.

Flight adjuster allowing you to adjust the ‘feel’ of the kite to your personal riding style.

Steering adjusters allowing you to set the steering behavior of the kite to your personal preference.

Dual inflation zippers placed on each tip, allowing you to inflate your kite 100% with very little effort. Deflation zipper to pack up fast and easy.

Launch assistant tag to ensure trouble-free self-launching. 

Compact sticks for easy transport and storage

Safety systems

The Vortex is supplied with a bar with a special leash system, to ride safe with maximum comfort. Spinning your bar after doing a jump with a rotation, the leash and depower line twist and so will the top lines. With the optional spreader bar with a rotating hook, riders can easily untwist their leash from the depower line and untwist their top lines.

The bar supplied with the Vortex is equipped with a primary quick release and a safety leash with quick release. When the safety system is activated, the Vortex immediately loses all of its power and gently falls down on the water.

Twinskin Technology
The Vortex is a Peter Lynn Twinskin kite. The kite consists of two layers of fabric with a set of profiles in between. When the kite crashes on the water, the taped seams as well as the valves behind the air inlets prevent the air escaping from the kite as well as any water getting in, for a quick and easy re-launch.

Some of the great advantages of this style of kite are:

Very clean airflow around the wing, both the top skin and the bottom skin are shaped for maximum performance and lift. 
No bladders or tubes that can burst, the kite is more resistant to wear & tear.

Even weight distribution as the complete kite is made of the same material. This makes the kite incredibly stable. No heavy leading edge causing the kite to luff. Ideal for practicing new tricks.

Easy and cheap repairs as the material are all solid Chikara Ripstop Nylon.

Package / Accessories

The Vortex is available as kite only or complete (with bar and lines).

The package contains: 
Vortex Kite 
Vortex expandable backpack 
Vortex compact sticks 
Full color instruction manual 
Instructional DVD 
Peter Lynn Kiteboarding Sticker and Vortex T-shirt 
4-line Control bar and 27mtr lines - (complete versions only)