Ozone Manta After a week away Snowkiting - Powerkiteshop Team Rider Sly Jennings gives us his thoughts on the Ozone Manta.

Conditions > 6 - 35knots

Size Tested > Ozone Manta 12m >

Handling > In the lighter winds the Manta impressed everyone on the mountain. At one point it was the only kite out there that had enough power for some fun.

As the wind picked up a little the kite really came to life with lots of usable power right across the wind window while flying super stable at all times.

Holding the kite in the power made for easy ascents up the mountain terrain and sitting the kite at the zenith with the depower trimmed off made boarding back down a cinch, just feeding the power back in as you needed it, tacking back upwind was no problem either.

In the higher wind this kite is amazing, sit back and cruise or redirecting for some high lift fun.

Jumping > Smooth, Smooth, Smooth.

Redirect and up you go, no drama, loads of lift and a controlled glide back down, edge hard for more pop then add a little bar pressure and the hang time you are rewarded with is impressive to say the least.

Ozone Manta - Powerkiteshop Team Rider Sly Jennings

Build Quality > As with all the top brand, Ozone included, the build quality is top notch, the highest quality materials are used throughout with reinforcement in all the ‘stress’ areas.

The backpack is worth a mention here also, loads of room, two kites packed in with no problem, with space left for supplies and essentials, also very comfortable to wear which can be important when you need to board and hike 10 kilometres to find the best sites.

Control Bar System > The carbon bar is comfortable to use and the leashless safety and re-ride system works very well.

Adjustment of the de-power system is easily done, even with snowboarding gloves on.

Overall > Stable with great pop and hang time.

Large wind range and most of all FUN!

Another top performer from the boys at Ozone!


Sly Jennings


Ozone Manta Snow Kiting













Ozone Manta Snowkiting Powerkiteshop Team Rider Sly Jennings