Travel Bag Essentials

With you flight booked for you kitesurfing trip, it is often an item we get asked about the best way to pack your kiting gear down and get your items to your destination safely.

After all, a typical trip for 3 kites, control bar, kiteboard, harness and a pump are not your typical items to pack into a suitcase.

Below are just a few space saving items we would recommend for any kiter.

Mystic Elevate Bag   Dakine Knit Surf Thruster Bag

Mystic Elevate Board Bag:

The Mystic Elevate boardbag is made of a lightweight coated nylon ripstop fabric and weighs just 1.8kg without the wheels.

This bag is ideal for two people wanting to take their kite kit on holiday and comes complete with a plastic undercarriage to protect against bumps and scrapes and most importantly the baggage handlers!

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Dakine Knit Surf Bag:

The Dakine Thruster Knit Bag provides ding protection when transporting in your car as well as an interior shield for travelling abroad with your other kit.

They can be easily rolled up and stored at your destination taking up a minimum of space.

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Mystic Vacuum Compression Kit   ION Kite Crush Compression Bag

Mystic Vacuum Compression Kit:

The Mystic Kite Vacuum Compression kit is designed specifically for kite surfing, kite boarding and snow kiting inflatable and foil kites.

You can easily reduce the size of up to three kites to take on your travels without the need of a vacuum.

The extra strong and durable kite compression bags are designed specifically to make kites up to 16m2 (even bigger foil kites) to fit into travel bags and provide extra protection from damage, dust, dirt and moisture.

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ION Kite Crush Compression Bags:

Replace your heavy kite bags with this light weight compression bag. You won't believe how much weight and space you can save.

The ION Crush Kte Bag is weight and size optimised for the kite to save space and weight on your trip.

Perfect if you transport many kites in a larger travel bag - you can save space and weight for another additional kite !

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Mystic Luggage Scales   Mystic Kite Protection Bag

Mystic Digital Luggage Scales:

The Mystic digital luggage scales will mean you know precisely how much your bags weigh and avoid any additional penalty charges.

The display is easy to read so no more trying to read the tiny increments on manual scales. Just clip around your luggage handle and lift for an accurate measurement up to 50kg!

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Mystic Kite Protection Bag:

Travelling with your kites but don't want to deflate your struts?

Simply deflate the leading edge of your kite, roll it down and pack it into this lightweight bag for the next day's kiting.

Fits kites from 5m to 16m and includes a shoudler strap for easy carrying to your next spot.

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