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Peter Lynn Aero Race Depower Depowerable Foil Kite Snow Kite Snowkiting


Peter Lynn Aero V2 6m / 12m / 18m:

Peter Lynn Aero Race Depower Depowerable Foil Kite Snow Kite Snowkiting


Peter Lynn Aero V2 8m / 14m:

Peter Lynn Aero Race Depower Depowerable Foil Kite Snow Kite Snowkiting


Peter Lynn Aero V2 10m / 15m / 16m:

Peter Lynn Aero Race Depower Depowerable Foil Kite Snow Kite Snowkiting




Ozone R1 Race Depower Depowerable Foil Kite Snow Kite Snowkiting

Peter Lynn Aero V2:

Peter Lynn Aero V2 (Race) : £1469.00 - £2299.00
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Let the Peter Lynn Aero V2 be your ticket to high performance racing, long hangtime on any terrain and low wind sessions you thought never before possible allowing you enjoy the tranquillity of riding in the lowest winds and maximize the time you can spend out there doing what you love most.


The Aero v2 has designed to be the ultimate super GT amongst race kites. It combines blistering pace and acceleration with rider oriented responsiveness, dynamic handling, and unmatched stability. The Aero V2 is built to open the door to a new level of engagement between rider and wing.


Racetrack, light wind ride or everyday cruise, its comfortably balanced bar pressure allows you to stay out longer and push your riding experiences to new heights.


Whilst the Aero V2 has been designed initially for uncompromised racing performance, it also offers you ease of use and stability to put a smile on your face whenever you pull the bar to leave everything and everyone behind.


At the same time it is created to get you going in the lightest of breezes because there are few things in life that make your daily troubles disappear like the peaceful mellow of a light wind session. Be it cruising desolate beaches, riding snow covered hills or foiling glass lagoons.


Flying Characterisitics:


Large Windrange:

Built with only high-tech, light weight materials the Aero performs in the lightest of breezes. Yet it’s sophisticated design and large depower range assures you remain in control when the wind picks up. The kite’s handling feedback and responsive steering add to a feeling of control throughout the entire depower range giving the Aero a large and balanced ‘sweetspot’.


Razor Sharp Upwind Drive:

Designed with racing in mind the Aero is tuned as sharp as possible without sacrificing stability. Positioned at the edge of the wind window the kite delivers thrilling speed and an hard matched upwind drive.


Exhilirating Acceleration:

Focused and poised to get your adrenalin pumping the Aero responds immediately to your steering impulse with a ferociously fast build-up of flying speed. Making it easy to get on your board and up to speed quick.


Superior Stability:
Whatever you ride, you want your focus to be on the ride ahead without having to worry about your kite. The Aero has a very wide wind window and remains highly stable at the edges. Coupled with the core value of ease of use the Aero crosses the divide between high performance racing and leisurely cruising.

Quick Turning:

The Aero’s steering is precise and responsive, adding to depth of performance and the pilots sense of absolute control.
The kite’s turning speed allows for fast and powerful downloop gibes which add to the intensity of flying a high performance kite even more.

Smooth On Demand Power:

The power of the kite is precisely regulated by pulling the bar, from that little bit extra you need to switch stance while tacking or gibing to an explosive boost for some serious hangtime. This dynamic and responsive power regulation also allows you to push speed and downwind angle to endlessly addictive levels.


Tension Straps:

The inside of the kite is designed to maximize dimensional stability and to reduce the need for bridle points. The tension straps running along the bottom skin is a technical detail borrowed from the Twinskin/Arc design and ensures proper bulging of the bottom skin while keeping the tension in check. The clever D and H Ribs allow for evenly spaced out bridle points and create a very rigid frame. Strategically placed cross vents ensure fast inflation and even pressure throughout the wing.


Velcro and Water Out Channels:

A 20mm internal channel is shaped into the end of the cells along the trailing edge to allow water run-out between the cells and out of the tips during flight. The Velcro dirt out channels can be opened for cleaning the kite. Always clean your kite by emptying any water, sand or dirt as this will prolong the life of the kite and help it fly as designed.



The Aero has been completely built with 20D Fabric to ensure the light wind performance associated with this type of kite. To create the kite's high dimensional stability we used 30D hard coated fabric for the internal construction.


To increase the aerodynamics of the kite, a fibre batten has been fitted on the front of each panel to create a very slick ‘nose’. While these fibre rods keep the nose tightly in shape they also add to the overall stability of the kite and help prevent luffing.


The inside of the kite is designed especially to maximize dimensional stability as well as reduced need for bridle points. The tension straps running along the bottom skin is a technical detail borrowed from the Twinskin/Arc design and ensures proper bulging of the bottom skin while keeping the tension in check. The clever D and H Ribs allow for evenly spaced out bridle points.


The Internal construction allows for evenly spaced out bridle points which in turn allow for a drastic reduction in overall bridle length. The bridle itself is constructed out of the highest grade Liros® DC 100% Dyneema® lines.


The Aero’s high Aspect Ratio and high cell count make for a very thin and slick wing. The high number of cells ensure the wings dimensional stability and prevents deforming of the designed shape. The High Aspect ratio makes the kite cut upwind like a knife and allows for high flying speeds.


The Aero’s speed system is constructed with 2×2 Ronstan® Orbit pulleys, these high quality pulleys weigh only 9grams and allow for loads up to 250Kg. And since the line goes through the bearing it will always stay connected even in the rare case the pulley gets damaged.


The bridle tabs are double stitched and reinforced with a Dacron patch for strength and durability, a Peter Lynn system which has proven its reliability time over time.


Each individual size has its very own design specifics and Aspect Ratio, this ensures optimal performance in each size as well as synergized handling, feel and balance across the range.


Peter Lynn Aero Ultralight:

The Aero is also available as Ultra light, for this version Peter Lynn took weight reduction to a whole new level by using a clever combination of 2×2 types of SkytexTM Fabric. The top skin of the kite is made from 32gr Skytex to give it some extra strength while the bottom skin is 27gr Skytex to reduce the weight to an absolute minimum. For the internal construction we used 32gr hard coated Skytex for the supporting ribs (Ribs with bridle points)and 27gr hard coated Skytex for the unsupported ribs. The wingtips are made from 32gr Skytex on both the top and bottom skin as the tips normally get to endure the most abrasion.

The Aero Ultra light is available on special order only, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@powerkiteshop.com if you are interested.


Peter Lynn Aero


The Peter Lynn Aero V2 is available as kite only (with bag) or ready to fly with:


  • Peter Lynn Aero V2 Kite

  • Aviator Control Bar with 350kg Dyneema Lines

  • Leash-less riding safety system

  • Large technical mountain pack

  • Detailed manual

Harnesses Power Kite Kiteboarding  Buggying Landboarding  Snowkiting * A Harness is required to fly this kite - click for harnesses >>
Power Kiting How-To Guide DVD
* You can learn how-to setup and fly depowerable kites using the Power Kiting How-To Guide DVD - click for info >>


Projected Area (cm)
Flat Surface Area (sq m)
Skill Level


Download Product / Instruction Manual (PDF) >>


Depower Control Bar

Peter Lynn Aero Aviator Control Bar System:

The Peter Lynn Aero Control System offers the latest in safety features, a clean control bar design and a simple easy-to-use trimming system.


Ozone  R1 Race Control Snow Megatron Control Bar System


Peter Lynn Aviator Control Bar and Lines:
The Aviator has a unique design combining safety and user friendliness. The complete Aviator bar is designed to be as clean as possible without making any compromise in safety, user comfort or the possibility of tuning your bar to your personal liking. Whether your kiteboarding, landboarding or snowkiting the Navigator is your safe connection to a world of power.


Aviator Control:
The bar is tapered so also without looking at the bar, you can feel where your hands are holding it. For your fingers, cushioning is added. The EVA foam is comfortable and durable. The centreline goes through an alloy centerhole, giving you good center grip, low friction and good freedom to steer, power and depower. It offers all you need to control the kitepower.


Aviator Safety:
Safety is one of the most important things when kiteboarding. Kites can generate power that is not always wanted and which can sometimes even be dangerous. If the rider needs to loose the power of the kite, it is important that this can be done instantly and without much effort. Often there is no possibility to unhook the depower loop, therefore a bar need to be fitted with a proper safety release mechanism. The depowerloop on the Aviator bar is a specially designed part that includes a reliable safety release.


When it comes to safety, one should not depend on one solution only. So besides the safety release, the lines include safety handles. Simply grab the line handles and you can release your kite flagging it on 1 line, nearly fully depowered.


Aviator ease of use:
The Aviator bar and depowerloop combination offer control, safety and great ease of use. The package includes a completely tangle free swivel. No more tangled lines after your rotations. Adjusting the (de)power of the kite is done through a proven Clamcleat power adjuster that is placed above the bar. The best place to adjust the depower lines to your liking.


Aviator safety leash:
The Aviator control system comes complete with safety leash, for those wanting to ride unhooked. The safety leash is equipped with a quick release might things go wrong, you can quickly and easily release yourself. The leash can be connected directly to the depowerline, or to the supplied ‘suicide connector’ In that case you connect the leash directly to the chicken loop which should be considered by advanced and expert riders only.


Aviator bar sizes and line length:
The Aviator is available in 53cm and 63cm control bar packages, each offering the best bar combination of bar size and corresponding length of the supplied flying lines. Those riders wanting to use just one bar for different sizes of kites, can thus find the most suitable bar set. By making use of the extension flying line set as well as the dual bar size endcaps, the bar can be adjusted to fly better on smaller or larger kites.


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Ozone R1 - Blue
Peter Lynn Aero V2 - Kite Only

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- £2105.00
- £2175.00
- £2299.00
Ozone  R1 Race Control Snow Megatron Control Bar System

Peter Lynn Aero V2 Control Bar - The Peter Lynn Aero V2 Depower Control Bar specifically designed for Aero's depower range gives a direct line to kite feel with no pulleys on the bar.

Enter size and colour of kite above and then add quantity into ready to fly box. Ready to fly package can only be ordered in conjunction with purchasing kite.


Aviator 53cm:
at £395.00
Aviator 63cm:
at £395.00


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