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Peter Lynn Escape 2015 Kiteboarding Kite Surf LEI Water Relaunchable C-Shape BOW Kite

Peter Lynn Escape 2015 Kiteboarding Kite Surf LEI Water Relaunchable C-Shape BOW Kite


Peter Lynn Escape 2013 Kiteboarding Kite Surf LEI Water Relaunchable C-Shape BOW Kite



Peter Lynn Escape Kiteboarding Kite Surf LEI Water Relaunchable C-Shape BOW Kite


Peter Lynn Escape V7:


Peter Lynn Escape V7: £875.00 - £1439.00
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Availability: 1-2 Days

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Building upon the formula of accessible and versatile freestyle performance the V7 Escape feels alive with potential. It is designed to connect in such a way that every kiteboarder feels comfortable and inspired to push his or her riding right from the first launch.


The seventh generation Escape remains defiantly different in its 4-strut, open C-shape design. By taking the Escapes defining features and further improving its rider oriented performance and confidence inspiring controls we have developed a kite that offers its readily available power in a controllable and well-mannered way. While its high-quality materials and exquisite build quality will leave you a lasting impression well beyond the ride.


The kites large middle section provides the grunt and boost you need to throw even the most radical moves. At the same time, the deep profile maintains the kites upwind ability to help you stay in the competition box or close to your beer cooler. All this power is kept in close control by a short, pulley-less bridle that makes the kite highly responsive and very precise. This helps you to position the kite exactly where you need it to get maximum performance the second you need it.


To ensure that everyone can get exactly the quiver they need we have added some sizes. And to guarantee the same crisp handling across the line, the bigger sizes now feature a thinner, lighter leading edge which also improves low-end performance.


The most thrilling incarnation of Escape yet delivers a riding experience that feels intuitive and irresistibly dynamic. Composed, controlled yet filled with raw athleticism, the Escape brings back the excitement of exploring our favourite sport regardless of your skills.


Expect explosive pop and lots of grunt for unhooked moves, excellent vertical boost, great line slack for unhooked tricks and highly responsive & direct steering.


Whether you are practicing your first backrolls or throwing double handle passes, the Escape will have you giddy like a schoolgirl every time you take it for a spin.


Peter Lynn Escape Main Features:


Supreme handling and kite feedback:
The Peter Lynn Escape was built with the best handling and kite feedback in mind and the decades of kite development expertise at Peter Lynn delivered just that in this intermediate, 4 strut SLE kite. You will always know where you kite is within the wind window, giving you the opportunity to make progress and learn new skills faster and with full confidence. The Escape will give you the control and performance, whatever your level of riding!


Accessible power in a wide windrange:

The Peter Lynn Escape power range is smooth and forgiving, but it can be loaded up for a real boost in jumps and kiteloops. Kiteresponse is lively, control is unprecedented. Peter Lynn’s focus on supreme handling materialized in this kite, you will love its balance between performance and control in all discplines, from freeride to freestyle, wakestyle and waveriding. The handling capabilities of the Escape V7 are available on a big windrange. The low end is good, the high-end control is excellent, this kite can be enjoyed in as many different wind conditions as is currently possible!


Small radius turning circle:
The Escape has a small radius turning circle. Newcomers to the sport benefit from this when needing to make adjustments while starting or riding. More experienced riders can use this feature to place the kite exactly at the best position for power in freestyle and wakestyle moves or to depower and take control riding waves. The experts will add to those capabilities the Escape’s character in kiteloops, where you can take control taking it easy throughout the loop or boosting it full force.


Controllable lift and boost:
Due to its supreme handling and kite feedback, the Peter Lynn Escape will be a great kite for new-to-the-sport kiters and less experienced riders. It would be a mistake to place it in that category though, as the performance of this kite is just too appealing to riders at all levels. The Escape offers big yet controlable lift, it will take you up high… and in control! The more experienced the rider, the bigger you can go: there is hardly anything stopping you with this kite. Boost throughout kiteloops can be controlled with amazing precision! Do you want to stay in control on your first kiteloops or would you rather be pulled in a horizontal line across the sky? The Escape delivers, you control it and feel the adrenaline.


Easy relaunch and full depower:
The 4 strut profile and shape of the kite, combined with the optimised bridle system give you the easiest relaunching kite on the market. Whether you restart a lot while building experience, need a fast restart to prevent the waves from eating your gear or need to restart fast in a crowded or rocky area, all levels of riding will appreciate the Escape’s easy relaunch. The full depower and Navigator SL safety system make the kite as safe as you may expect from modern kite design.


Versatile kite setup possibilities:
All Peter Lynn Escape 2018 kites come with a wide array of set-up options. On the kite itself, the rearline bar pressure settings can be used to optimize the kite’s control and feedback to your preference. With the line length setting, windrange and performance can be set to your individual preference. The complete package offers the most versatile solution to perform to the rider’s preference, in the widest range of conditions.


Peter Lynn Escape Main Features:


Medium Aspect Ratio:
The Escape has an intermediate Aspect Ratio to offer the best of all worlds in a wide array of disciplines and rider levels. From steering to lift, to restart and powerrange, the aspect ratio is optimized for comfort and progression.


New designed profile:
The Escape has been developed from a ‘green field’ situation, as a completely new design. Incorporating the expertise of decades of kite development at Peter Lynn, this profile is tested, developed and proven sublime for its use.


4 strut SLE design:
Light weight meets a rigid frame for an optimized blend of control and performance. The Escape has a Supported Leading Edge (SLE) format, for its depower characteristics and huge windrange benefits.


Tear resistant canopy:
The Escape was built with the highest quality materials. Tejin Technoforce T9600 polyester is used for the canopy, combined with Dimension Polyant Dacron reinforcements and wingtips.


Direct connection struts:
The frame is very rigid due to the direct connection struts. For durability the struts are reinforced with seam protection to prevent tear.


Efficient and durable lightweight tips:
Dacron use has been optimized for the best match between weight and longevity. Due to ‘tailor made’ placement and panel shaping, the Dacron ensures a long lifetime. Tailoring the amount and placing of relatively heavy Dacron material to the size and target use of the kite ensures low overall weight of the kite, adding to responsiveness and overall control.


Single point inflation:
For fast inflation, the Peter Lynn has a proven single point inflation system. Just pump the kite through the center inflation point and it will be ready for use in no time. For durability and wear protection the tubing and valves are protected with a Neoprene cover.


Reinforced Leading edge:
The frame, struts and leading edge are built with the most durable Dacron. The Leading edge has been reinforced along the complete stitch seam and the leading edge has Peter Lynn EVA bumpers to protect it from damage whenever the kite crashes. Making it one of the toughest frames on the market.


Trailing edge reinforcements:
For optimised durability and low weight, the trailing edge has a double layer Technoforce construction with Bisonyl reinforcements for maximal durability.


Kook-proof line connections
To prevent wrong attachment of the front and rear lines to the kite


Variable power setting
Backline connection points offer adjustments to change the bar pressure to personal preference.


Various Setup Possibilities:

The Escape has adjustment possibility on the Backline connection points to change the bar pressure to personal preference. This will adjust the o
verall depower, depower behaviour, overall power and bar pressure.

Moving the larkshead down toward to the trailing edge of the kite:


  • Less direct depower, smoother power buildup when sheeting in or out
    More depower

  • Less bar pressure

  • Mostly used by riders for wave surfing, freeriding, cruising

Moving the larkshead up toward the leading edge of the kite:


  • More direct depower, faster power buildup when sheeting in or out

  • More power

  • More bar pressure

  • Mostly used by riders for free- and wakestyle

Peter Lynn Escape Main Features:


  • Variable Medium Aspect Ratio - Smaller sizes have a lower AR to improve stability in
    strong winds, bigger sizes have a higher AR to optimise the kite’s performance.

  • 4 Strut rigid frame with reinforced Dacron Leading Edge.

  • Direct connection struts with seam protection to prevent tear

  • Tejin Technoforce T9600 polyester canopy with Dimension Polyant Dacron reinforcements and wingtips.

  • SLE concept Dyneema® bridle with Riley pulleys and Samson M steel pulley lines

  • Single inflation system with neoprene covering on tubes and inflation points

  • Double layer trailing edge with Bisonyl canopy stitching reinforcements

  • Dacron usage on canopy, wingtips and struts is optimised for durability and weight

  • Closed cell EVA Leading edge protectors

  • Kook-proof line connectors

  • Adjustable steering/power rearline connectors

  • Pump leash connector

  • Navigator control bar, carrying bag, travelskin and kitepump (on complete kites)

Peter Lynn Escape Package:


  • Escape kite

  • Escape Backpack

  • Escape Travelskin

  • Peter Lynn 4-line LEI kite manual

  • Kite Pump

  • Basic repair kit

  • Navigator control bar (complete versions only)

  • 350/350 Dyneema® flying line set

The Peter Lynn Escape is available in 5m, 7m, 8m, 9m, 10m, 11m, 13m, 15m and 17m.


**Prices shown below for kite only - includes bag, pump and repair kit**


Harnesses Power Kite Kiteboarding  Buggying Landboarding  Snowkiting * A Harness is required to fly this kite - click for harnesses >>
Kiteboarding Progression Beginner DVD
* You can learn how-to setup and fly water relaunchable kites using the Kiteboarding Progression DVD - click for info >>

Wind Range

Wind Range - Based on 65kg / 165lb rider
Beaufort (Force)


You can purchase spares for this item here >>

Depower Control Bar

Peter Lynn TS Charger  Control Bar

Peter Lynn Navigator Control Bar and Lines:
The Navigator has a unique design combining safety and user friendliness. The complete Navigator bar is designed to be as clean as possible without making any compromise in safety, user comfort or the possibility of tuning your bar to your personal liking. Whether your kiteboarding, landboarding or snowkiting the Navigator is your safe connection to a world of power.


Navigator Control:
The new Navigator SL bar gives you optimal control and comfort. The bar is tapered so also without looking at the bar, you can feel where your hands are holding it. For your fingers, cushioning is added. The EVA foam is comfortable and durable. The centerline goes through an alloy centerhole, giving you good center grip, low friction and good freedom to steer, power and depower. It offers all you need to control the kitepower.


Navigator safety:
Safety is one of the most important things when kiteboarding. Kites can generate power that is not always wanted and which can sometimes even be dangerous. If the rider needs to loose the power of the kite, it is important that this can be done instantly and without much effort. Often there is no possibility to unhook the depower loop, therefore a bar need to be fitted with a proper safety release mechanism. The Centrix depowerloop on the Navigator bar is a specially designed part that includes a reliable safety release.


When it comes to safety, one should not depend on one solution only. So besides the Centrix safety release, the lines include safety handles. Simply grab the line handles and you can release your kite flagging it on 1 line, nearly fully depowered.


Navigator ease of use:
The navigator bar and Centrix depowerloop combination offer control, safety and great ease of use. The package includes a completely tangle free swivel. No more tangled lines after your rotations. Adjusting the (de)power of the kite is done through a proven Clamcleat power adjuster that is placed above the bar. The best place to adjust the depower lines to your liking.


Navigator safety leash:
The Navigator control system comes complete with safety leash, for those wanting to ride unhooked. The safety leash is equipped with a quick release might things go wrong, you can quickly and easily release yourself. The leash can be connected directly to the depowerline, or to the supplied ‘suicide connector’ In that case you connect the leash directly to the chicken loop which should be considered by advanced and expert riders only.


Navigator easy replacements:
The Navigator control bar has been designed using the most durable materials. However, as with all bar systems, parts do wear in the long term. Peter Lynn has a focus on making any replacements for these parts as simple and quick as possible, to help you keep your bar safe with optimal performance at minimal costs.


Navigator bar sizes and line length:
The Navigator is available in three packages, each offering the best bar combination of bar size and corresponding length of the supplied flying lines. Those riders wanting to use just one bar for different sizes of kites, can thus find the most suitable bar set. By making use of the extension flying line set as well as the dual bar size endcaps, the bar can be adjusted to fly better on smaller or larger kites.


You can purchase spares for this item here >>


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Peter Lynn Escape 2013 Kiteboarding Kite Surf LEI Water Relaunchable C-Shape BOW Kite
Peter Lynn Escape
Black / Blue

5.0m - £875.00
7.0m - £965.00
8.0m - £1009.00
9.0m - £1049.00
10.0m - £1115.00
11.0m - £1177.00
13.0m - £1265.00
15.0m - £1349.00
17.0m - £1439.00

Peter Lynn Escape 2013 Kiteboarding Kite Surf LEI Water Relaunchable C-Shape BOW Kite
Peter Lynn Escape
Orange / White

5.0m - £875.00
7.0m - £965.00
8.0m - £1009.00
9.0m - £1049.00
10.0m - £1115.00
11.0m - £1177.00
13.0m - £1265.00
15.0m - £1349.00
17.0m - £1439.00
Peter Lynn TS Kite Bar

Peter Lynn Navigator Control Bar - Ready to Fly package - The Peter Lynn Escape V7 Navigator Control Bar features a quick release on the depower loop and a quick release on the safety leash.


The Navigator control bar comes in four packages: small, medium, medium + and large. The package is a combination of a certain bar size with a certain length of the flying lines.


43cm Control Bar with 22m lines: 439.00

51cm Control Bar with 22m lines: 439.00

51cm Control Bar with 24m lines: 439.00

60cm Control Bar with 24m lines: 439.00


Enter size and colour of kite above and then add quantity into ready to fly box. Ready to fly package can only be ordered in conjunction with purchasing kite.



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